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Fondaco dei Tedeschi: modern and elegant security uniforms

In a luxury environment it is essential that the staff’s clothing is perfectly coordinated and expresses the history and elegance that characterize the place.
Achieving this goal is certainly not easy, especially for those working in the security sector: the uniforms of the security staff must ensure
smooth and snappy movements and at the same time be emblematic of the importance of the location. It is precisely for these particular needs that the company dealing with the security of the prestigious Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice has chosen to rely on the experience and professionalism of Cast Bolzonella.
In this article we analyze the uniforms that our team has created for this important venue.

Fondaco dei TedeschiFondaco dei Tedeschi: a centuries-old history

Fondaco dei Tedeschi is a prestigious palace of ancient origins overlooking the Rialto Bridge, right in the heart of Venice. The building dates back to the 13th century and today has become an important luxury shopping center. Over the centuries this structure has been home to various activities: at its origins it was a reference point for the arrival of goods related to the German market, an activity that determined its name. In 1505 it was destroyed by fire and, following the renovation, it became a customs center at the time of Napoleon. 

During the World Wars, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi became a military telegraph center and post office to allow families to get in touch with relatives engaged at the front.
From 2016, the palace became home to numerous stores for a
wealthy clientele, but it is also appreciated by Venetians and tourists for the extraordinary panoramic terrace on the top floor. Here, you can enjoy a 360° view of the lagoon of Venice: a breathtaking scenery.

The uniforms for the security of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Cast Bolzonella chosen to dress the security officers of the building

Women uniform for the Fondaco dei TedeschiIf in the past to work in the office – both in close contact with the public and in the back office – it was necessary to adopt a classic style, in recent years many companies have decided to move towards a “business-casual” style. By this term we mean an elegant but at the same time casual dress code, which perfectly combines a touch of style with maximum comfort, dictated by clothes linked more to everyday life than to tradition. It is the style adopted especially by start-ups born from the ideas of a young and dynamic team, by companies that work with creativity and by companies that make innovation their main value. Beige is added to the more classic shades here.

Which work uniforms to choose to follow a casual business style? For men, you can focus on simplicity: under-jacket t-shirts, pants and a jacket with a more sporty cut than usual. In winter, a soft merino wool or cotton blend sweater is worn over the shirt. In summer, give up the jacket: you may prefer an elasticated polo shirt, a practical solution. Generally, the business casual style does not include a tie, although it can be admitted if enhanced with special weaves or elements that recall the company palette and logo.

But there are also many options for female clothing too. In this case, to the shirt is preferred an under-jacket top or a blouse, fresher and more youthful solutions. In the same way, the classic elegant pants give way to chino pants, particularly appreciated for their lightness and practicality. And during the winter months? To protect yourself from the cold, usually the blazer is the best option: this waisted jacket is very versatile and is often embellished with buttons and pockets on the hips.

An effect of the uniform that is much appreciated by those who adopt a casual business style is certainly the split, which is opposed to the classic coordinated: in the split, in fact, a jacket or blazer is combined with pants in different fabrics and colors that create a pleasant contrast. The result is current and dynamic, with a refined style that communicates attention to detail.

Recognizable yes, but without exceeding

One of the starting points in the choice of uniforms for security is always the recognition of security personnel. When the tourist or the customer of the store becomes aware of the presence of these important figures, he or she feels more secure and comfortable.
Since this is a historic luxury location, we have tried
not to exceed the distinctive elements of the vigilantes, thus pursuing the elegance and class that this environment requires. Dark shades have been chosen, in fact, to make the security operators recognizable to the public, but no grades or writings have been included on the jackets, in order to make them simpler and more sober.

An elegant and modern style

Men uniform for the Fondaco dei TedeschiThe Fondaco dei Tedeschi’s request for security uniforms, had to pay attention to two main aspects. They had to be elegant and classy and follow a youthful style, without being casual. For this reason, Fondaco dei Tedeschi opted for a black uniform, consisting of an elegant jacket and pants. To make the suit more modern, the shirt was replaced by an elasticated t-shirt: a solution able to give less rigor to the uniform and at the same time to ensure quick and easy movements to the vigilante in case of need. 

In detail, the jacket chosen is simple but impactful with a long cut to maintain the seriousness that characterizes those who work in this sector, but above all to facilitate movements even for armed security officers. The elegance is underlined by a refined central closure with two buttons.
What contributes most to give comfort to the outfit is certainly the t-shirt, which, being made of
spandex, facilitates the movements and, at the same time, enhances the physicality of the wearer. The open neck and not neckline, both for man and woman, gives more professionalism to the outfit. The pants, finally, slim and tight on the leg then falls straight to the ankle.

Many cares for maximum practicality

A quality uniform can also be recognized by the details, both aesthetic and functional. For the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, our team thought of uniforms made with a stain-resistant fabric: thanks to the presence of specific fibers, the fabric is able to resist dirt, splashes and stains, ensuring an impeccable appearance all day long.

A security officer must be able to do his job in comfort and feel comfortable in his uniform. That’s why the uniforms are made with a four-season fabric: this keeps the body cool and dry in summer, and warm in winter. This is very important especially for the security staff who work on the terrace, therefore in an outdoor area. 

In addition, to enhance the different types of physicality of the security staff, the uniforms have been designed to ensure a perfect fit for different body shapes, thanks to the tailored cut

Bolzonella uniforms can be comfortably washed at home by employees, as each garment is associated with a home washing manual. Given the presence of security staff of different nationalities, it was essential to create the bilingual manual, which is very appreciated by the security officers of the building.

In conclusion…

Thanks to a personalized work for the Fondaco dei Tedeschi‘s security officers, today the security staff can represent very well the values that have always distinguished the building: elegance and sumptuousness combined with the dynamism of its current function as a shopping center and tourist terrace. This important result has been achieved thanks to uniforms characterized by the quality of the Made in Italy and by numerous practical and aesthetic features. 

Do you want your team dressed elegantly and in a modern way, so that it best represents the values of your business? Cast Bolzonella will listen to your needs and realize a personalized project based on them. Contact us to have more information.

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