Camicie uomo e donna per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Uniform tops and underjackets

Style is elegance and simplicity

Uniform Tops and Under Jackets are a great alternative to the shirt, to be worn under the jacket. Comfortable and practical, they can be worn alone as casual wear, or perfectly complement company clothing when worn under a blazer or cardigan.

There are different features of the models to choose from to satisfy every need: elegant t-shirts with boat neckline, serafino tops, but also the more classic crew neck or V-neck. The length of the sleeve depends on the season, but also on the presence or absence of a jacket to wear over it: long, short or three-quarter length. 

Since these are elegant garments, the variety of colours proposed here is limited, but there are men’s and women’s tops and under-jackets available in different colours, in addition to the basic ones such as black, grey, white and blue.

Below you will find elegant tops, under-jackets and T-shirts that we have selected for your uniforms.


How to choose Tops and Underjackets for your uniforms

The choice of a T-shirt, top or under-jacket for the company uniform must take certain aspects into account. 

It is a strong alternative to the shirt, which gives the uniform a smarter and younger touch, it is necessary that this choice is in line with the corporate image.

You can aim for a simple look, with clean-cut t-shirts and a classic round neckline, or a more elegant one, with a sophisticated neckline top.

Fabrics for Elegant Tops and Under Jacket

A quality fabric is crucial in making a Top, or an under-jacket, look elegant. For this reason, among our proposals we have selected cotton, viscose or elastane garments: all fabrics of excellent quality, which guarantee comfort and breathability, essential in a working context.


A great way to strengthen the corporate identity through the uniform is to embroider the logo on the garment.

Our high quality embroideries will give more personality to your elegant workwear.

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