Personalized accessories for uniforms

The details make the difference

The company image can be enhanced in various ways and clothing is one of them. The work uniform plays an important role in conveying the values of your company, especially when the people who wear it have direct contact with the public.

Taking care of the uniform in all its components can make the difference: adding custom accessories can be fundamental. In addition to enhancing the outfit, it will allow you to increase the recognizability of your company and add that detail that will make it unique.

Every tie, scarf, brooch or belt is made by us to order.

We will accompany you in the creation of your accessories, to complete and make your elegant uniform unmistakable.


Custom ties:
minimum 100 pieces.

Personalized scarves:
minimum 200 pieces.

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The different types of men’s accessories

When we refer to a men’s work uniform, the accessory par excellence is the tie, the maximum expression of elegance. We will help you choose between different models and fabrics, up to the choice of colors.

Don’t forget to personalize your tie with the company logo. A very elegant and refined technique is to customize the fabric with a pattern designed specifically for your company.

Another mainly masculine accessory is the cufflink.
We customize the cufflinks on request with the company logo (or possibly with the employee’s initials in the case of a company kit). The strong personal component of this fashion accessory makes it undoubtedly unique.

The cufflinks are made of rhodium-treated brass (a process that gives a particular shine to the accessory) with a metal color that can be silver or gold.

The personalization of cufflinks can be made with two techniques: 

The engraving technique (on the front or back) of the company logo.

Through enamelling: in this case it will be possible to use the colour of the pantone relative to your company logo and reproduce it in the cufflinks.

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Women’s accessories

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If for the man the must-have accessory is the tie, for the woman it is definitely the scarf.

Synonymous of elegance and refinement, the scarf, personalized with the colors and with the company logo, gives the uniform a touch of completeness and helps your staff to be more recognizable especially in work in contact with the public such as land hostesses and promoters, who wear it as an outfit to the elegant jacket or shirt of the uniform.

Personalized uniform brooches

Last but not least are the brooches and pins, very functional accessories for brand communication and to increase brand awareness. They are ideal to be applied to uniform jackets for both men and women, or to shirts.

The brooches and pins are different in relation to the type of closure of the clip. The first one follows the principle of the safety pin (safety pin), the second one has a clip closure similar to a button.

The pins are produced in rhodium-plated metal or brass (rhodium-plating is a surface processing technique that is used to give more brilliance to metals) with a gold or silver plating.

From the image of your logo you create a digital sketch that will be reproduced on the brooch including of course colors.


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