Elegant work knitwear

The style of simplicity
The beauty of men’s and women’s work sweaters is that they add comfort to the uniform without sacrificing elegance. You can wear them over a shirt or a polo-shirt, choosing from a wide range of items by model and fit: from long cardigans to V-neck sweaters, from pullovers to knitted vests.

These garments are particularly suitable for public reception roles, such as receptionists and front office staff, but also hostesses and salespeople.

How to choose the sweater for your uniforms

Our selection of uniform knitwear allows you to enjoy maximum comfort and at the same time offer a well-groomed image all year round, thanks to the possibility to choose between warmer and fresher yarns.

To understand which sweater is the most suitable for your uniform, pay particular attention to the style that characterizes your company and the environment in which your employees will move.

You can choose, for example, a V-neck sweater for winter and a sleeveless vest for summer.

If, on the other hand, you decide to provide a single piece of knitwear for the whole year, we recommend a sweater or cardigan, which thanks to the buttoning can be worn closed or open to better adapt to changes in temperature.

The importance of yarns

The garments we have selected are made of shaved knit with high quality yarns, such as fine merino wool, which regulates the temperature protecting both from heat and cold, or combed cotton that is comfortable in contact with the skin, durable and shiny.

Personalized Cardigan and Pullover

All our cardigans, vests, sweaters and pullovers are customizable with the company logo. To customize the sweaters while maintaining an elegant style we recommend embroidery: it enhances the brand in every detail and makes your garment unique.

Always keep in mind your corporate colours, so as to coordinate the knitwear of the uniform to your Brand.

Are you looking for something different?

Ask for a quote to evaluate our proposal, together we will create a line of stylish uniforms designed for your company. Our Style Department will support you with its experience in choosing patterns, fabrics and tailoring details according to your needs. Learn more:

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