Men's Uniform Shirts

The perfection of the essential

Versatile and elegant, work shirts are a must of men’s fashion for the office. Men’s shirts are a classic, crossing time and fashion, constantly reinventing itself while maintaining its identity as an elegant garment for the office.

Thanks to the many small details that enhance them and the characteristics of the fabrics, the shirts we proposed here are perfectly suited to different types of work in contact with the public.

How to choose the shirt for your uniforms

Choosing a man’s work shirt might seem simple, but it’s a lot less trivial than you might think.

The model must be suitable for the type of task and the image you want to give, and obviously must offer the most suitable fit for the wearer’s physicality.

While a button-down collar gives practicality to sporty looks, our range also includes more elegant men’s shirts with a double cuff and cuff closure.

You can choose models with or without a pocket, and even with hidden buttons.


Fabrics for men’s shirts

Made of the finest cotton or fabrics with innovative features, such as wash-and-wear or cool-dry, they always guarantee maximum comfort and an impeccable appearance.

Among our fabrics you can find the more classic ones, such as Oxford or Poplin, but also the very refined Herringbone and Cotton Rich.

Personalized Shirts

The high quality embroidery of the logo is a refined detail, but also an excellent branding tool.


Are you looking for something different?

Ask for a quote to evaluate our proposal, together we will create a line of stylish uniforms designed for your company. Our Style Department will support you with its experience in choosing patterns, fabrics and tailoring details according to your needs. Learn more:

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