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Uniform polo shirt

Innovation starts from simplicity

The polo shirt is a garment very used in the workplace because it is elegant but informal at the same time.

Combined with jackets, vests, sweaters or used alone, they can be worn both in spring-summer and autumn, thanks to the variations with long or short sleeves.

Usually polo shirts are characterized by a shirt collar, with two or three button closure depending on the model. Among our proposals you will also find polo shirts with contrasting colour buttons, which can recall the company colours, with two-tone collar or Korean style, with special fabrics such as denim or with refined details.

Below you will find a selection of polo shirts to choose from to make your perfect work uniform.

How to choose the polo shirt for your uniforms

Choosing the right polo shirt for your uniforms is a complex task because you have to take into account the various features of the models and the needs of your employees.

You can choose to focus on a more sober and elegant style thanks to the use of plain colours, or to use particular colours that recall the corporate identity.

The fabrics for polo shirts

The fabric mainly used for polo shirts is Piquet fabric. The Piquet provides a special processing that has small patterns in relief. Other fabrics widely used are cotton jersey, a shaved knitted fabric that guarantees elasticity and freshness; viscose, a soft and shiny cellulose fabric and Elastane used in percentage to guarantee elasticity and comfort.

Personalized uniform polo shirt

To personalize your uniform polo shirt, making a high quality logo embroidery is also a great way to enhance your uniform.

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