Style is the image of personality

Freedom of expression in fashion is manifested above all in accessories, especially in footwear.
Footwear has experienced the most interesting evolution in history: from being simple tools to protect the feet, they have become indicative elements to distinguish gender and social class.
Shoes have three main purposes: protection, aesthetics and functionality. We try to enhance these aspects, also giving the possibility to customize shoes in order to make them consistent with the corporate image.
Below you can find unisex models, for women and men, all customizable and suitable for elegant workplaces in all seasons.

How to choose footwear for your uniform

Buying the right shoe is a detail not to be underestimated because it will give an extra touch to your style and the way you dress. One aspect to take into account is to know the needs of your employees. The right shoe in a work environment will need to perform well for many hours a day, so it should be versatile, durable and, of course, elegant.

Personalised footwear

Customizing your shoes is possible with us, even on all four sides. A great way to customize your shoes is to make a high quality embroidery of your own brand.

Fabrics for Footwear

In general, the most elegant shoes are those made with fabric or eco-leather lining.
Among our shoes, we also offer different types of soles:
– TPU anti-slip, a material widely used for its elastic and aesthetic properties excellent given the variety of colors in which it can be made, excellent resistance to abrasion;
Pillar, a material able to offer an excellent elastic return and great reactivity; 
NAU, a material that guarantees high mechanical resistance, elasticity and lightness;
EVA XL, ultra light, comfortable, flexible and non-slip composite material.

Have you not found what you were looking for?

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