Camicie uomo e donna per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Drivers' Uniforms

Driving with style and elegance

The driver is someone who drives means of transport such as private cars for VIPs or security services, buses for sightseeing tours or regular buses.

In all these occasions, those who choose to rely on this professional figure, look for serious and competent drivers, trained to make the trip as serene and comfortable as possible.

In this type of work, the choice of the perfect uniform plays an important role. A comfortable, elegant and professional uniform, personalized with the company logo, helps to distinguish at first sight the car driver from other personnel.

What kind of uniform is the most appropriate?

Playing the role of the driver means paying the utmost attention to driving while accompanying groups, commuters or VIPs, from one place to another. This very sedentary work, requires a particularly comfortable and distinctive uniform that fits perfectly. It is therefore necessary to focus on comfort: breathable clothing with percentages of spandex in fabrics are preferable, allowing a greater fluidity in movements and ensuring freshness throughout the day.

The choice of fabric is another aspect not to be underestimated that can make the uniform comfortable and functional. For example, anti-wrinkle and stain-resistant fabrics guarantee a clean and refined look throughout the day.

Elegance: another keyword that must characterize the uniform. It is important, being a job in contact with the public, to opt for elegant garments that convey a sense of seriousness and professionalism in accordance with this role.

A combination of shirt, jacket and pants is definitely the most elegant choice. For an equally tidy and professional outfit, also chino pants and a polo shirt can be worn. Finally, vests or sweaters, are ideal for the colder seasons, combined with warm softshell coats.

Man-woman uniforms with logo, accessories and colors matching the company style, make the driver immediately recognizable.

Accessories to match

Every detail can make a difference. The accessories in fact contribute to make a uniform more refined. Pins in the shape of the company logo, for example, make the company immediately identifiable.

Ties, scarves, suspenders, gloves, belts, cufflinks: all these accessories are customizable with colors and company’s logo that make the uniform unique and stylish.

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