Corporate clothing

Corporate clothing  is born from the combination of professionalism, creativity and practicality, aspects that make them perfect for everyday use. In fact, whoever wears them can move with maximum freedom while maintaining a refined and elegant appearance throughout the day, thus enhancing the image of the company. Moreover, thanks to these uniforms it will be easy to stand out in front of customers and suppliers.

The entire clothing line of corporate workwear can be customized in terms of style and details, so as to best represent the brand of your company. You can therefore choose between the classic and traditional style and the business-casual, youthful and breezy , which makes modernity its strength. Other important features are the excellent fit that enhances any figure , and the large size range, which guarantees uniformity to the different physicalities of the employees, thus obtaining a clear and clean corporate image. To make elegant work uniforms even more original and exclusive , it is possible to add accessories such as ties, scarves and brooches that recall the company logo and palette, or embroider the employee’s name thus making the uniform unique.

The uniforms we offer are OEKO-TEX certified , an international brand that guarantees the absence of toxicity in the materials used . So, corporate clothing are safe for human health and the environment and promote a transparent and ecological supply chain.

We bring elegance to the corporate sector, with particular reference to those roles where the first impression is essential, such as receptionist, front office, hostess. In all these areas, the uniform becomes a fundamental communication tool to convey seriousness, professionalism and authority and to spread the values that the company pursues. Below you can find the corporate workwear collections and the reference sectors. Our team will be at your side to support you in choosing the perfect uniform for your reality.

Hostess and Steward uniforms

Elegance, comfort and personalized accessories: the ideal clothing for ground hostesses and stewards who must welcome visitors to exhibition stands, congresses and events.

Promoters uniforms

The success of the promoters’ activity also depends on a tidy and professional image: for this reason, an orderly uniform coherent with the brand becomes a communication vehicle of quality and value.

Receptionist uniforms

An elegant work uniform transmits trust and professionalism to customers and suppliers who enter the company. This also comes from the attention to detail and the practicality of the uniform.

Front Office and Office

The first face that customers meet in the office defines the public image of a company: a tidy workwear inspires competence and good taste.

Concierge uniforms

Practicality and functionality are the key features that concierge uniforms must have: these dynamic figures require maximum comfort and allow to increase the visibility of the brand through personalized accessories.

Hospitality uniforms

How to best welcome the public, if not with elegant and at the same time practical item of clothing? Breathable, stain-resistant and crease-resistant uniforms are a must for those who work in the hospitality sector.

VIP Accompaniment & Bodyguard

The bodyguards hold roles of great responsibility towards the people and places they watch: with comfortable and recognizable uniforms they have practicality of movement and transmit authority and safety.

Uniforms for surveillance

The safety of public and private places is entrusted to the vigilante, a figure who must be immediately recognizable in appearance, with a tidy suit and guaranteed comfort.

Security Guard uniforms

Comfort, seriousness and elegance must distinguish formal workwear for security guards that need to be functional to the role they cover and recognizable to the public.

Uniforms for Marching Band and Chorals

Uniforms for Marching Band and Chorals must involve the audience and create charm and originality. An ambitious result but easily reachable through coordinated and elegant uniforms.

Uniforms for funeral services

Empathy, confidentiality and respect: a delicate role such as that of funeral home needs to transmit all these values by means of a sober, refined and formal aspect.

Drivers’ Uniforms

The drivers’ clothes must convey safety and elegance while maintaining a comfortable and breathable connotation.

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