Completi uomo: giacca e pantalone, abiti uomo spezzati per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Clothing for Funeral Honours

Seriousness and elegance for customer service

Funeral honours manage, organize and represent an important and delicate role for their clients. Their figure must be discreet, elegant and never out of place, trying to convey serenity, security and elegance throughout the preparation and development of the ceremony.

How to choose the right uniform for a funeral operator?

Considering the many activities that a funeral company carries out, it is essential that its clothing has a strong practical imprint, as well as sober and elegant.
The first important aspect to take into consideration are the fabrics: choosing a breathable, stain-resistant and crease-resistant garment will give maximum comfort and an impeccable appearance throughout the funeral worker’s working day.

The recommended outfit is an elegant outfit consisting of a dark coloured jacket and trousers combined with an elegant white shirt, also with fresh, stretch and easy to wash fabrics or even non-iron fabrics.


Accessories and customizations to make your outfit unique 

To make your elegant uniform unique and recognizable you can complete it with pins, ties, cufflinks, shoes and belts.

You can find a very wide line of items with more classic or more youthful styles and a wide assortment of sizes to ensure the right fit for all your employees.

Finally, complete the uniform with an impressive customization, for example with the embroidery of your logo that makes the garment even more elegant and refined.

Below you can find our complete gallery to discover what we can create for your company.

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