Completi donna: giacca e pantalone, gonna e vestiti per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Women's suits and office tailleurs

Women’s suits and uniforms are the maximum expression of elegance in the office. They are particularly suitable for roles in which the first impression is important, in fact they convey seriousness and professionalism.

In the gallery below you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of jackets, vests, trousers, skirts and women’s dresses that will allow you to choose the model that best suits the style of your company, while enhancing the personality of your employees.

How to choose the suit for your uniforms

To best choose the suit that best suits your uniform, you must consider the various features of the models and the needs of your employees

We offer you a wide range of suits with different characteristics from which you can choose your ideal uniform: suits with a more youthful sartorial cut (like the slim fit), or more classic; dresses and suits with particular colors that recall your corporate colors; garments rich in details such as pockets, buttons, zips, straps, scarves.

In this way you will have the possibility to address yourself to a more sober look with simple and clean lines, or a particular and refined style, with original colours or models.

Fabrics for women’s office suits

All our jackets, skirts and dresses are made from the highest quality and finest fabrics, which guarantee maximum comfort during the day.

We specialize in fabrics with innovative features such as no-iron, wash-and-wear or cool-dry fabrics that allow your employees to wear their own uniform with maximum comfort.

Personalized suits

The high quality embroidery allows you to customize and enhance your uniform.

Have you not found what you were looking for?

Our offer of women’s suits, dresses and tailleurs for the office is wide, but may not meet all your needs. For this reason we propose to the most demanding customers to create a completely customized clothing line, from fabrics to models.
Fill out the form below, and ask for an offer to have a line of elegant uniforms completely studied and designed for your company. Our Style Department will support you with its experience to customize models, fabrics and tailored details according to your needs.