Elegant work uniforms

A distinctive feature for men and women

The uniform identifies who represents or works for a company. Having a distinctive look, which is a symbol of the values of a company, with elegance and character, is the essence of a work uniform. The outfits that we create for you must meet this challenge, and communicate the care and passion that you put into your work.

The detail that makes the difference

To make your uniforms truly unique, it is essential to take care of every aspect of them.
From the seams to the tailoring details, from the design of the model to the creation of personalized ties and scarves, we dedicate the utmost care to each collection. We want to create something exclusive for you, and give you the experience of a tailor-made clothing line.

The choice of fabrics

The design of a garment must respond to fit requirements. We pay great attention to the choice of materials, which must be pleasant and comfortable on the skin even after many hours. We offer you the possibility to choose between natural and technological patented fabrics, so that your uniforms are perfect for you.

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