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Uniforms for Security Guards

The Special Security Guard, commonly referred to as a security guard, is a private security guard who has the task of guarding movable or immovable property to prevent or repress crimes. These figures carry out their activities mainly in public places such as airports, railway stations, ports, shopping centres, banks, courts, entertainment and show business facilities. The Sworn Guards can carry out their service during daylight hours or, if requested, also at night, during weekdays or holidays.

It is important that the Security Guard carries out its activity in uniform in order to be clearly recognizable and to have clothing functional to the role they hold.


How to choose a work uniform for your staff?

A security guard does a job that can be very dynamic. For this reason it is important to choose a uniform that follows every movement ensuring comfort and at the same time elegance and seriousness, to enhance the role of the figure itself.

To meet these needs we have created a line of uniforms and corporate clothing dedicated to those who play the role of Security Guard that can be composed of: sweaters with V-neck model, patches, shoulder straps, ballpoint pen holder, short or long sleeve shirts, front pockets, shoulder badges, customizable ties, multi-pocket trousers or elegantly cut according to the specific needs and the role covered.

Customize your uniform

To make the staff more recognizable and give greater visibility to the company brand by increasing what is defined as brand awareness, we recommend customizing the uniforms.

We have an internal style office that takes care of creating the graphic design of the logo (and/or required indications), and the subsequent processing on the garment. The embroidery, is the most suitable technique for uniforms with this importance, but we also make prints, according to your requests.

All the processes are carried out in an artisan way, taking care of every detail to ensure the highest quality in each garment.

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