Completi donna: giacca e pantalone, gonna e vestiti per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Hostess e Steward Uniforms

Friendliness, clarity, dynamism: land hostesses

At trade fair stands or at conferences and events hostesses are a point of reference thanks to their versatility and preparation.

They can welcome people and assist them, providing information or distributing information material. They speak foreign languages and can relate to the most diverse cultures.

Our proposals

As a land hostess or stewardess you will have to focus on elegant, comfortable and breathable uniforms, better if with stain and wrinkle resistant fabrics, to be combined with custom accessories that make you unique.
Below you will find the uniforms we have selected for the hostess and stewardess figures.

But what is the ideal hostess uniform?

An elegant uniform, of course, but it’s not enough. Ground hostesses are constantly on their feet and must maintain a fresh and tidy image all day long, even in the midst of the most chaotic trade fairs and conferences. Thanks to small details such as the choice of breathable, stain-resistant and crease-resistant fabrics, hostesses and stewards can maintain maximum comfort and an impeccable appearance.

We have selected our uniforms specifically to enhance the role of these figures. Elegant jackets and trousers, shirts, sweaters and cardigans, skirts and dresses, each of our garments has features that make it particularly suitable for composing your hostess uniform.
Do not forget, however, to give a touch more to your uniforms; below you will find how to enhance the link with the corporate image through the customization of uniforms and accessories.

Accessories and customization

Remember to make your uniform unique with details that make a difference. You can choose between scarves, ties, cufflinks, shoes and brooches, all matching your uniform.
The extra touch is certainly given by the customization: the logo of the company you work for will enhance the value of the uniform and connect you more easily to the role you play.

Fill out the form below, and ask for an offer for a line of elegant uniforms for hostesses and stewards

Fill out the form below, and ask for an offer for a line of elegant uniforms for hostesses and stewards.