Tourist hospitality uniforms

Elegance, availability and professionalism

For the reception staff, in structures such as hotels or in places of tourist interest, it is important to be able to relate with kindness and courtesy. Those in this role must be helpful and patient to receive customers and provide them with all the information and directions they need.

When we talk about reception staff, we refer to figures such as hotel staff, receptionists, managers and management staff of the facility, congress and event venues.

These figures, working in direct contact with the public, must always maintain an impeccable, elegant and professional look, even at the end of a long working day.

Our proposals for your uniform

The work uniform plays an important role in giving a good impression to the guest of the accommodation facility from the very beginning, as well as identifying the staff in charge.

For hotel uniforms, we recommend that you focus on breathable, stain-resistant and crease-resistant clothing to make it easier for your employees to concentrate on their work and not have to worry about the uniform they are wearing.

Our uniforms for reception staff meet the criteria of quality tailoring, typical of the Made in Italy style.

Below you will find various solutions of hotel reception uniforms for both men and women that we have selected to give you inspiration, such as: jackets for men and women, shirts with different fits, fabrics and finishes, waistcoats, coats, suits.

The details that make the difference

The identification of staff is a priority, especially when you are always in contact with customers and guests. Having a personalized uniform with your own logo therefore becomes a fundamental element to stand out among various people.

We carry out the personalization of your uniforms internally. Depending on the fabric chosen we will be able to advise you on the best customization technique to enhance your garment.

Don’t forget to add a detail to your uniform, an accessory that can make a difference such as brooches, scarves, ties, etc., all of which can be modified with company colours and logos.

Are you looking for something different?

Ask for a quote to evaluate our proposal, together we will create a line of stylish uniforms designed for your company. Our Style Department will support you with its experience in choosing patterns, fabrics and tailoring details according to your needs. Learn more:

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