Customized work uniforms

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A uniform just like you

Every company has different needs in terms of uniforms. For this reason it is not always easy to find the ideal uniform, even choosing between the conventional lines that we propose.

For companies that cannot be satisfied with a standard uniform, we have specialized in the design and planning of specially made garments. We will accompany you step by step in the creation of new uniforms to meet your every need and provide you with the most suitable model for your company.

Quantity for customized productions

We provide you with a design team that studies with you the model best suited to your business needs.

A minimum order quantity of 100 pieces per item is required to access this service.

What you can customize

From fabrics to colors, you can help us design the pattern and finish of your uniform, so that it is unique and perfect for your business.

We will follow you every step of the way and give you the right advice to create the perfect uniform. Are you looking for a uniform with seams or a particular style that recalls the style of your company? Don’t worry, we will provide our style office that will help you in the creation of the model. You will be able to choose the weight of the fabric, the colors, thus being able to develop a uniform that is in line with the company’s values, but at the same time is a fashionable, innovative and fashionable uniform. At the end of everything will be made a prototype sample so that you can touch the result of this study.

An Unconventional touch for your uniform

We like the challenges that our customers offer us every day: personalized productions, original garments, and that’s why we are taking the first steps towards something new, to create increasingly original and fashionable uniforms.

Even the footwear plays an important role within the uniform and we offer you the possibility to customize it in line with the image of your company.

The shoes are entirely designed, manufactured and customized in Italy.

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The accessory that makes all the difference

Remember to make your uniform unique with details that make a difference. You can choose from scarves, ties, cufflinks, shoes and brooches, all matching your uniform.

The extra touch is certainly given by the customization: the logo of the company you work for will enhance the value of the uniform and connect you more easily to the role you play.

From project to realization

Not many companies are disposed to produce elegant uniforms. During our history we have designed and made shirts, trousers, vests and jackets for work uniforms, and we are ready to help you make any item to best meet the features your company needs.

Once we have studied the model and made the prototype, we are ready to produce and customize the garment with the logo of your company, in order to make your work uniform unique and immediately recognizable.


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Please note that we only follow realities that dress at least 20 people.

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