Completi uomo: giacca e pantalone, abiti uomo spezzati per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Vip Accompaniment and Bodyguard Clothing

Security at your side

The bodyguard plays a fundamental role in the lives of many people, accompanying them in public and private places or as a driver for different types of transport, from car to helicopter. His figure must be discreet, inspiring confidence and respect at first sight to guarantee security and privacy to his customers throughout the day.

How to choose the work uniform for your bodyguard?

Considering the many activities that a VIP accompanist does, it is essencial that his clothing is practical, as well as sober and elegant. 

This means first of all that the fabrics that compose it should have characteristics of elasticity, to facilitate movements, and breathability.

As it is a role in contact with the public, it is also important that the garments in the uniform are stain-resistant and crease-resistant, in order to preserve an impeccable appearance.

Details that make the difference

The accessories of the uniforms for VIP accompaniment are decisive in conveying the perceived quality, as well as enriching it with details, even discreet, to create a unique and recognizable outfit.

Below you can find our complete gallery to discover what we can create for your company. 

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Please, remember that we only work with companies that need to dress at least 10 people.

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