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Big&Tall: conformed and non-standard sizes

It is not always possible to reduce the different body sizes and physicality to standard sizes. Each individual has a different build, which therefore requires a specific fit.
Tall people need clothes with a longer length, without this affecting the size they wear, while on the other hand there are people who wear very large sizes, which are often not included in standard garments. In these cases we are talking about extra large sizes, strong or comfortable sizes.

Our collection chosen for you

Our collections dress large size arches, even including calibrated or conformed sizes.
The comfortable men’s size dresses can dress up to the Italian 70, which corresponds to a 6XL. The dresses with curvy models that dress extra large sizes for women can dress up to 68 Italian, which corresponds to a 6XL. 

Why plus size uniforms

If you want to focus on a clear and defined corporate image and you want to dress all your employees in the same way, you have to take into account that you may need out-of-standard sizes. It is important for us to support and enhance the values that your company wants to convey. For this reason we have put at your disposal a selection of models that can dress a very wide range of sizes keeping the image of your uniform consistent, also dressing sizes 3XL, 4XL, 5XL up to 6XL..

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Fit Guide

In the choice of uniforms we will guide you by evaluating the model that best suits your employees and your needs. Each of our lines offers different types of fit, so you can dress all sizes evenly in terms of fabric and color.

And if our wide range of sizes does not meet the needs of all your staff, you can also make custom-made garments, in the case of suits, or buy the fabric directly in the case of shirts.

Short, Regular and Long

In our selection you can choose uniforms that fit different lengths, so you can dress particularly tall or particularly short people with the same pleasant result.

Slim fit, Regular fit, Comfort fit

In order to adapt to every kind of physicality we have the possibility to choose between different types of wearability:

Slim Fit – The Slim Fit fit is tight-fitting, and has a slim cut to follow the body shape. The slim fit models are ideal to enhance a dry physicality, and give a very modern look;

Regular Fit – The Regular fit has a slim fit compared to the Slim Fit, but still modern. Regular models fit in the figure without being too tight, adapting to almost all types of physicality;

Comfort Fit – The Comfort fit has a comfortable cut that stays soft around the body shape without bandaging it. These models have a classic and elegant style.

Slim Regular Comfort

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