Completi uomo: giacca e pantalone, abiti uomo spezzati per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Uniforms and corporate wear for unarmed surveillance

A reassuring presence

The security officer plays a very important role in the security of public and private places, so his clothing must be clearly recognizable and functional. 
His job is a job in contact with the public, so he must constantly maintain a decent appearance.

How to choose a work uniform for your staff?

Considering the hectic day of a vigilante, it is essential to understand his needs, so that the uniform is always comfortable and tidy. For these reasons we advise you to choose breathable garments, to be combined with comfortable shoes and customized accessories. 

The garments we propose satisfy all the needs for a complete uniform: sweaters (V-neck model, patches, shoulder straps, ballpoint pen holder), shirts (short or long sleeves, front pockets, shoulder badges), ties and trousers (multi-pockets or elegant cut depending on the specific needs and the role covered).


In order to make the staff more recognizable and give greater visibility to the role held, we also customize the uniforms.
We put our experience at your service to advise you on the personalization technique best suited to your brand and the garments that make up your uniform. In this way the outfit will be designed especially for you. All processes are carried out in a handcrafted manner, taking care of every detail to ensure the highest quality in each garment.

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Please note that we only follow realities that dress at least 10 people.