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Fabric masks for your company: why would you prefer them to disposable ones?

In recent months, face masks have become part of our everyday life, especially in work contexts, where its use is mandatory. During working hours, in fact, we come into contact every day with many people, including colleagues, customers and suppliers, who may be unaware carriers of the virus (the famous asymptomatic).
To save your own health and others’, so it is essential to wear this protective device.

However the mask can also become a tool to communicate the company’s values: the presence of the company’s logo and colors and the combination with the outfitsand unit. That’s why Bolzonella Divise launches its line of reusable masks: a new marketing strategy to improve the image of your company.


Black community face mask

The importance of matching face masks and uniforms

Choosing the work uniform that matches the style of the company and its brand, can be a great communication tool that can convey the company’s values to customers and suppliers. This contributes to a feeling of unity and cohesion of the staff, which are perceived both outside and inside the company itself.

In order to continue the company’s image enhancement through workwear, customized fabric masks were born: with this solution, the entire outfit of the employee is perfectly coordinated and creates a much more professional and impactful effect. An impossible result to achieve with the classic polyethylene disposable surgical mask.

Cast Bolzonella has chosen to offer two models of washable masks: one certified as Medical Device by the Ministry of Health, and one for community use, certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Five reasons to choose washable masks

#1 Fabric masks do protect from infection

The surgical masks of the 20th century were made of gauze and cotton fabric. Even today it is possible to make fabric masks with proven and certified efficacy, and they are registered as Medical Device (DM) with the Ministry of Health. Their performance is comparable to disposable surgical masks. This is possible thanks to their high filtration capacity: they retain up to 95% of outgoing bacteria.

Light-blue medical device face mask#2 Fabric masks are comfortable and skin-friendly

Especially in situations in contact with the public, where wearing the mask is mandatory throughout the working hours, it is essential to consider the comfort and health of the skin. 

The presence of toxic particles, residues from the processing of raw materials, can cause redness, allergies, skin irritations and annoying itching. This, in addition to being unhealthy for company personnel, inevitably also causes a decrease in concentration in the activities to be carried out. 

This is why Bolzonella Divise offers washable masks made with a layer, the one in contact with the skin, in 100% certified cotton GOTS. This label guarantees that the fabric is made with respect for people and the environment, from the cultivation of raw materials to the sale.

Collective masks are made of three layers of certified jersey OEKO-TEX. This certification ensures total absence of toxic substances in the fabric and it also allows the mask to adapt to the shape of the face, the soft elastic bands do not cause discomfort or painful irritation behind the ears.

#3 Fabric masks do not cause damage to the environment

Choosing to use washable face masks helps your company sustain the environment. It is not possible, in fact, to recycle the classic surgical masks or FFP: after their use, they must be sealed in a plastic bag and thrown in the mmixed waste bin. Disposable solutions, therefore, are far from being sustainable, and their disposal contributes to pollutant gas emissions.

The washable masks offered by Bolzonella Divise, are made of cotton, a natural, recyclable and above all resistant material: it is possible to washe them many times (50 washes for the certified ones, 20 washes for the community masks), without any reduction in their protective effectiveness. The consequences are also visible on the environment: and the risk of finding masks thrown into parks and city’s sidewalks is minimized


Black medical device face mask with logo#4 Fabric masks are much cheaper

The employer is required by law to ensure that staff are able to work safely and, therefore, to provide them with face masks. This inevitably leads to a considerable increase in Company costs: just think that the average duration of surgical masks is only 4 hours; in practical terms, the owner should provide two masks per day to each employee! On the other hand, as mentioned before, fabric masks are reusable for up to 50 household washes. Each team member, at the end of the eight working hours, has the possibility to wash and sanitize the device independently.

#5 Fabric masks can be customized with the company’s logo

Washable masks, as already mentioned, have a great advantage: they can become an important marketing tool thanks to customization through the company logo.

Community masks can be customized with digital labels, heat-sealable carvings through plotter, or with the technique of screen transfer. These techniques stamp the logo using heat on the mask, making it permanent.

Certified fabric masks require a unique technique to keep the device intact without altering its certified filtration performance.

In conclusion…

Fabric face masks are the economical and ecological solution for creating coordinated corporate uniforms and thus spreading the values you pursue on a daily basis to customers and suppliers. Are you curious to experience their advantages? Contact us: we will gladly answer all your questions.

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