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Eco-sustainable elegant uniforms: Bolzonella Environmentally friendly uniforms

Committing yourself to a more green world is a step that can no longer be postponed: the consequences of pollution are now visible to anyone. Both private individuals and companies are called upon to make their contribution to safeguarding the environment and preserving it in the long term.

The fashion sector, one of the most polluting in the world, has also taken action in recent years to introduce ecology and recycling in the production of fibers and fabrics. With this in mind, Bolzonella Divise has integrated in its offer fashionable eco-sustainable elegant uniforms. What does this term indicate and how does this “sustainability” mentality become a real thing? 

Sustainable, eco-sustainable and ethical fashion: some clarity

About environmental issues there is still a lot of confusion, sometimes caused by improper use of technical vocabulary. What does it mean to follow a sustainable, eco-sustainable or ethical concept? Contrary to what you think, these 3 terms do not have the same meaning.

In the fashion industry, ethics mainly refers to an actively controlled production chain: the aim is to avoid any kind of labour exploitation as well as to counter the worldly conditions in which many people around the world still work today.

A “sustainable” way of thinking is designed to reduce environmental impact. In the fashion industry, new ways are being studied to make fabrics from waste materials and free of toxic chemicals.
The production cycles that do not take this into account cause irreparable damage to the environment, due to chemical residues and non-biodegradable processing waste.

Environmental sustainability is the synthesis between ethics and sustainability: in fashion, this term indicates all those products that are made with recycled materials and with a scrupulous attention to the fight against exploitation.

Bolzonella Divise proposes to combine elegance and professionality with a focus on environmental and social issues: with a uniforms product line made to be fully eco-sustainable. Everything starts with a scrupulous selection of the materials used for the production of garments, thanks to recycling  and a technology that make the exploitation of organic waste possible. How? We will see it in detail in the next paragraphs.

Reduce environmental impact with organic waste

The production of fabrics is still one of the main causes for pollution in the fashion industry today. For example, in the cultivation of cotton specific pesticides and fertilizers are used, which in the long run can damage the soil and cause water poisoning. In addition to this, cotton processing, especially in Asian and African countries, is very often closely linked to child exploitation. All this clashes with eco-sustainability.

This is why in recent years the fashion industry has introduced new and important green solutions: the main one concerns fabrics derived from biological waste, which are biodegradable and, therefore, ensure a significant reduction of environmental impact.

The eco-sustainable uniforms made with this kind of fabrics can be derived from multiple materials, such as:

– Organic cotton: it is grown in an ecological way, without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and other substances toxic to the environment and to men.

Citrus cellulose: it is collected from the residues of the industrial production of lemon, orange, mandarin and other citrus fruit juice.

Distilled and refined soybean: through a process called polymerization, it is possible to modify the structure of a particular soy protein and make it suitable to produce the yarn.

– Milk: the fabric is derived from the processing of casein, a waste protein that allows not only to obtain an ecological product, but also natural, biodegradable, antibacterial and thermoregulating.

The elegant eco-sustainable elegant uniforms of Bolzonella Divise

Combining elegance, good taste and environmentally, human-conscious concepts, is possible. In our catalog you can find solutions derived from cotton 100% organic and recycled polyester. Just think that, in some cases, 45 plastic bottles are being recycled

Corporate uniforms can be customized, based on your company’s palette and logo. These products have also many interesting features. Among them, we can find:

Resistence: to ensure high durability;

No-stain: to maintain the appearance of a professional staff throughout the entire shift;

Different styles: you can opt for a more casual or more classic style, which is perfectly consistent with the values your company represents.

The attention to the creation of a coordinated team combined with an eco-friendly concept, allows you to improve your corporate image contributing to the reduction of the impact on the environment. It is an excellent starting point for spreading a focused awareness of the life of every living thing and the defense of our beautiful planet. We believe that if everyone does their part, we can truly build a better future.

Do you wish to know in detail our green solutions? Contact us: our team will be happy to show you an extensive catalog of uniforms that reflect your company and at the same time take care of the environment.


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