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Work uniforms for women: the importance of variety

Very often, women see in clothing the reflection of their mood. For this reason, in her free time as well as at work, to be able to give the best of herself, she must feel fully at ease in the clothes she wears. This feeling comes from choosing the right work uniform: the uniform must not only be comfortable and practical, but must also be able to enhance the qualities and physical appearance of the wearer.

Fortunately, to meet the needs of your company’s women’s department, you can draw on a wide selection of women’s work clothes. Shirt or top? Pants or skirt? Classic or modern style? Here are some ideas and solutions that will make coordinated, productive and happy your female team.


divise da lavoro per donnaA matter of style…

Business uniforms are essentially inspired by two styles: one more classic and one more modern. Very often, this choice stems from the values pursued by the company. A classical dress code communicates attention to the values and traditions of the past and generally distinguishes those brands that make solidity and reliability their own strengths. Modern style, on the other hand, derives from a youthful and dynamic way of thinking typical of start-up and enterprises that have their own core values in technology and innovation.

If it is true that the uniform must contribute to the improvement and spread of the business image, it is equally true that the employee must be able to choose the garment in which he or she feels most comfortable. There are those who like to adopt a predominantly classic style and those who prefer to wear clothes that fall within the concept of “business-casual“: this term refers to a style that is less formal than the traditional style, but still communicates quality and seriousness. This choice also very often depends on the requirements and taste of female staff.

The perfect garment for every need

To convey calm and safety and give their best in front of customers and suppliers, female staff must feel not only elegant, but also comfortable in the garments they wear. To achieve this goal, the garments must have accurate aesthetic and functional characteristics, which fully meet the needs of women.

First of all, it is essential that the chosen model guarantees a vast range of solutions. Not all women have the same taste in clothing. While some employees prefer to wear a skirt, others may feel more comfortable wearing pants. That’s why the perfect uniform is made up of several variations for the same model, while still remaining coordinated with the rest of the company team thanks to the material and colors of the fabric.

In addition, the work uniform for women must ensure a good fit, adapting perfectly to the characteristics of the wearer’s body. In this way, the garment will be neither too tight nor too wide: as a result, the movements will not be limited and the appearance of the employee will be enhanced. Thanks to the attention to fit, women can opt for a more classic style, which falls softly on the body, and a slim, which enhances the body shape.

In every season, women should feel good in the uniform they wear. That’s why the four seasons fabric guarantees freshness during the summer and keeps the body temperature warm during the colder months.

Which solution do you like best?

There are many solutions for workwear regarding women garnments and they can range from pants to skirt, and even from full dress to suit. Each of these solutions is designed to match the style required by the company and, at the same time, allows women to change outfit in the way they prefer. What matters is that there must be a certain consistency in all the employees’ uniforms: this consistency can be conveyed by the type of fabric, the color hues or even the characteristics of the accessories (for example, the scarf, the brooches and so on).

Companies that adopt a classic style can equip their female staff with a tailleur, symbol par excellence of professionality and elegance. In this case, the employee can choose between jacket and skirt (normally a sheath dress and loungette, i.e. knee-length) or between jacket and pants (straight or palazzo) to give more movement to the figure. And if the original idea is to focus on a particularly sophisticated garment, it’s possible to move towards the dress, a comfortable, practical and refined solution. Normally, the sheath dress is chosen and can be left sober or enhanced with pinces.

For a more casual and less rigorous, but still impactful style, we can replace the classic shirt with a top under-jacket, a more youthful solution. The type of jacket can be a blazer, particularly trendy in recent years: an outerwear with a modern taste that can have multiple variations and be short, long, tight at the waist or left smooth, creating a feeling of greater dynamism.

For pants, on the other hand, in the business-casual the model chino is often adopted: generally made of cotton, it ensures a dry and light fit and is mainly adopted in the broken suit, which is very popular in the work field.

Are you looking for tailored women’s uniform?

The needs of female staff in the company are different, and there are many different work clothes for women that can satisfy them. In this way, employees can choose the solution that allows them to feel comfortable and express themselves, while remaining coordinated with the rest of the team.

Bolzonella Divise specializes in workwear and uniforms and can help you choose the best models for your female team. How?Contact us to find out how we can work together.

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