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Office uniforms: The complete guide to dress your employees in office uniforms

Office clothing has always been an effective form of non-verbal communication: in fact, it allows to express reliability and professionalism, two essential aspects to impress customers and suppliers right from the start. This is precisely why office uniforms play an increasingly important role. Thanks to these garments, the entire team is infused with a sense of uniformity and belonging, which feels psychologically more united and cohesive. And that’s not all: the uniform allows the company identity to develop and spread, which is usually recalled by the shades and particularities of the garments. And, an aspect not to be overlooked, it guarantees maximum daily comfort to all employees. But how to choose work uniforms for the office? And, above all, how to let the creativity of the individual be enhanced anyway? In this article we will walk through the topic together, to discover the fascinating world of office clothing.

Classic office uniforms: timeless elegance

Classic office uniformsThere are many companies that require a classic dress code, in accordance with the traditional values they intend to convey. In these cases, the emphasis is on garments that communicate solidity and reliability: the keyword is elegance, presented with sobriety, for customers and suppliers. Which uniforms to choose, then? Here are some solutions for both men and women.

For a classic man look, adopt a formal suit, which inspires seriousness and reliability. The shirt is generally white or light blue, according to the colour of the suit. As for the trousers, you can opt for a model with pleats or crease in front. The pleat, which can be single or double, is a sartorial device that improves the fit of the trousers, but also a detail of style. You can choose creased trousers if you want an even more formal effect. Then the outfit is completed by a pocket square, which should recall the shade of the shirt, but can also be a tie or bow tie.

As for the woman, the ideal work uniform for a company linked to tradition is definitely the suit. Symbol par excellence of classicism, this uniform is composed of a shirt and skirt or trousers. In detail, the skirt is a midi skirt, i.e. knee-length; the trousers, on the other hand, can vary from a straighter style to a palazzo style, which goes down wide and gives a feeling of greater movement to the figure. To ensure maximum stability and comfort even for those who have to walk or stand for long hours – like the receptionist – the shoe to match the suit is always a low shoe with a wide heel.

And for those who want a more unconventional style?

"business-casual" style uniformsIf in the past to work in the office – both in close contact with the public and in the back office – it was necessary to adopt a classic style, in recent years many companies have decided to move towards a “business-casual” style. By this term we mean a dress code that is elegant but at the same time nonchalant, perfectly combining a touch of style with maximum comfort. Clothes are now linked more to everyday life than to tradition. It is the style adopted, above all, by start-ups, born from the ideas of a young and dynamic team, by companies that work with creativity, and by companies that make innovation their main value. Beige is added to the more classic shades here.

Which work uniforms to choose to follow a casual business style? For men, you can focus on simplicity: under-jacket t-shirts, trousers and a jacket with a more sporty cut than usual. In winter, a soft merino wool or cotton blend sweater is added to the shirt. In summer, if you veer away from the jacket, you may prefer an elasticated polo shirt, a practical solution. Generally, the business casual style does not include a tie, although it can be admitted if enhanced with special weaves or elements that recall the company palette and logo.

But there are also many options for women too. In this case, an under-jacket top or a blouse is preferred to a shirt, fresher and more youthful solutions. In the same way, the classic elegant trousers give way to chinos, which are particularly appreciated for their lightness and practicality. And during the winter months? To protect yourself from the cold, the tendency is to wear a blazer: this waisted jacket is very versatile and is often embellished with buttons and pockets on the hips.

A feature of the uniform that is much appreciated by those who adopt a casual business style is certainly the broken style, which is opposed to the classic coordinated: broken suits, in fact, combine a jacket or blazer with trousers with different fabrics and colours that create a pleasant contrast. The result is modern and dynamic, with a refined style that communicates attention to detail.

How to enhance the uniform for the office?

"business-casual" style in blueBoth for classic and business casual style, it is possible to enhance and customize the uniform by means of special accessories and features. This makes it possible to differentiate the company on the market and gives employees the opportunity to dare a bit, while maintaining uniformity and consistency with the values pursued by the business.

In office fashion, therefore, it is possible to play with the shades of the uniform. In general, we try to avoid using bright colours, in favour of black, grey and blue. For a slightly less classic style, you can opt for neutral shades and pastel colours, such as beige, which have become more popular in recent years.

Even the choice of a fabric weave, instead of the classic solid colour, can give a different tone to the work uniform. If pinstripes can give a more austere and elegant look, for example, a tone-on-tone Scottish pattern can be lighter and more jaunty, while the classic pindot embellishes the texture of the fabric.

The accessories of the uniforms are the elements that most of all manage to enhance the outfit, recalling the company colours. Some examples? An accessory much loved by women is the scarf, which, thanks to the different ways of knotting it, creates a more personal effect on the work uniform. Moreover, the work bag, useful for carrying pens and documents during travel, can have different sizes and fabrics: a leather briefcase is always synonymous with professionalism and care. Finally, pins can also be used to embellish the uniform and always carry the company’s values: pinned on the fabric of the jacket, they immediately capture the attention of the interlocutor and refer to the colours and logo of the company.

Are you looking for office uniforms?

Office uniforms are not universal: an outfit that goes perfectly with a company can turn your nose up at it when used in another type of business. For this reason, you must first of all pay attention to the style you want to pursue and, above all, to the values you want to show off to anyone who comes into contact with the company. From this initial information, you can adopt and customize the uniform.

Are you looking for quality office uniforms that allow you to give a professional image consistent with your values? The Cast Bolzonella team is here to help you, with Made in Italy solutions that put comfort and an impeccable look at the centre of everything. Have we intrigued you? Contact us: we will gladly answer all your questions.

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