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Fashion for office: what uniforms to best facing summer 2020?

It is summer, outside the thermometer exceeds 30°C and inside the office, despite the air conditioning at maximum, the atmosphere is hot and sticky. In this conditions is not easy to be presentable and welcome customers and suppliers with serenity.

To overcome summer heat and maintain a good look, uniforms have to follow the rules of summer fashion for office. What kind of clothes and fabrics should you use to be always tidy? In this article we present you some ideas to best facing summer 2020 in the office.

What are the best fabrics for summer?

We can’t talk about summer fashion for office without paying attention to fabrics that are used to create uniforms. In fact, they are an essential element for the uniform: how the employee can feel comfortable and give his best, if what you are wearing worsens the effect of the summer heat?

What are the fabrics suggested for the summer? Here there are some different proposal:

– Cool Dry. soft and light, this fabric is characterized by high breathability,and it is also used very often by sportsmen and women. This means freshness, protection and comfort. 

– Pufy. Pufy fabric is comfortable (it absorbs the humidity from skin and transfers it to the surface, where it evaporates) and practical because it doesn’t need ironing. It is an antibacterial fabric: so goodbye to sweat!

– Elastomultyester. This kind of fabric is preferable to polyester as to the touch the fabric has a softer hand, it will make the garment more resistant to washing and will keep more shape and fit over time.

– Wool. This textile fibre, typically combined with the colder months, is actually a no-season solution. The uniforms made with a percentage of wool, in fact, turn out to be heat insulating, therefore ideal to stay cool for a long time.

What are the trends in tone?

It’s not always easy to match the rules of fashion with the needs of the office. Choosing the colours that go best in a given period can therefore be a good compromise.
It is now certain what shades will be the most popular for the summer of 2020. In particular, for shirts and tops it would be better to stay on light colours:
white and pink.
What about elegant suits? In this case we opt for darker shades, and therefore black,
blue and grey (the latter, just like pink, can be used in all its shades). The timeless black & white, an undisputed synonym of elegance and refinement, remains at the centre of the scene.

What summer uniform for women?

Every office has his dress code, that can change from a classical style to a casual one. In both cases, for the woman we can change between many solutions that perfectly combine a good corporate image with a daily comfort.

The first choice is between a shirt and a top. The first one is a symbol of elegance, formality and tradition; the second one is a casual and energetic solution that, valorized by flounces or ruffles, can give a more lively and light style to the figure.

What do these clothes go with? Summer is the period for chino pants: this cloth, usually in cotton, gives an idea of dry and light wearability and can become the strength of the blazer and slacks. In this case, the jacket – sportive but elegant – is combined with a pants with a different fabric or colour.

In summer, the woman that works in the office can opt also for a dress or a skirt: these garments are ideal for this season.

It is possible to play with uniform accessories: for example, the scarf, personalized with colours or the company logo, can represent the strength of the uniform, protecting also from disorders caused by the air conditioning.

What summer uniform for men?

Let’s immediately dispel the myth that man, especially in summer, has very few solutions to choose from. Fashion for office, in fact, provides a wide range of uniforms that enhance the male figure and, at the same time, protect it from excessive heat.

The short sleeves shirt combines the everyday practicality with classicism: this garment, with its extremely light fabric, allows the employee to carry out all his ordinary activities with ease, while at the same time welcoming customers and suppliers in a brilliant way.
What if I want an extra sporty touch? It is for companies that want to give a modern and more informal image that under-jacket t-shirts or stretch polo shirts are born: simple solutions, but of great impact.
As far as the lower part is concerned, it is also in this case the chino trousers that get the better of it. If, on the other hand, the idea is to have a lightweight suit, you can always opt for trousers, this time a little more refined, combined with a light-coloured shirt. The final effect will communicate professionalism and seriousness from a first glance.

In conclusion…

Office fashion for the summer of 2020 puts good taste and comfort at the centre. The wide variety of solutions available makes it possible to choose the uniforms that best reflect the company’s vision, ensuring excellent presentations to customers and suppliers. On the other hand, it is also essential to keep in mind the type of fabric used for the uniforms so that office workers can stay cool and dry throughout the day.
For your uniforms, rely on companies that have a long experience in creating solutions suitable for both winter and summer.
Cast Bolzonella has been on the market for over fifty years, producing uniforms characterised by elegance and good taste, as well as OEKO-TEX and Made in Italy certified materials. Discover our collections or contact us to find the most suitable model for your company.

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