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Quality corporate uniforms: the solutions to enhance your business

Work uniforms have an important role in reflecting the image of a company to customers and suppliers. An impeccable uniform expresses the concepts of quality and professionalism and it can become an important tool to represent the values of the company. 

To achieve this ambitious goal, it is essential to pay attention to some important elements of corporate uniform

What are the essential elements of an uniform?

The adaptability to all types of physicality

It is easy to recognize an employee who doesn’t feel comfortable in his uniform: in general, his movements are neither safe nor fluid and he cannot give a relaxed and serene image of himself and the company. This is why it is necessary to have uniforms that are characterized by an excellent adaptability and therefore able to match all types of physicality.

The availability of a wide size range should include models of uniforms with different fits. However, this may not be sufficient if the employee has special fit requirements. For example, a tall and thin man may need more sleeve length than one of a middle height, for the same size. For this reason it is necessary that garments, of which the uniform is composed, are made in a way that allows the sartorial modification. In this manner the person physicality is always enhanced and this is also positively reflected in his mood and in the image that the company offers.

The style as a reflection of the company

The uniform has to reflect the values that the company wants to transmit. For this, is essential that the cut and the style of the cloth succeed in launching a coherent message with what company represents (or wants to represent) on the market. There are many models of corporate work uniforms. Among all these, it is important to choose that one that pursues the idea of elegance and good taste, while still managing to make the company unique with an original cut. For example, you can opt to offer a more casual and sporty image by a fit uniform, particularly gritty. If you want to dare even more, choose an unmatched suit, a solution that combines elegance with the concept of “daily use” : in this case, in fact, an elegant jacket (or a sweater) but with a more sporty cut is combined with trousers of a different fabric or tonality, for a smart casual touch. 

If, on the other hand, you want more traditional models, you can choose a regular cut, focusing on what is classic and formal. So, choose the style that best suits your message and the uniform will become a very useful tool to make your brand more recognizable.

What elements can enhance your company?


Detailed embroideries

Over the time, the corporate uniform become an essential tool to promote the brand. It is precisely to increase the brand awareness that embroideries for uniforms were born, high quality personalizable elements that can really make the difference.

By inserting the logo on the lapel of the jacket worn by your staff, the brand will always be under the eyes of clients and suppliers. In addition, you can put on shirts the initials of first and last name of your employees. As well of being a distinctive element of great impact, in this way those who come into contact with them will feel more confident and involved.

Buttons, gorgeous lighting points

Do you know that you can enhance your company by focusing on uniform buttons?  Even of small sizes, these elements can be used in a strategically to make your uniforms original and exclusive

Buttons are normally inserted on jacket and trousers pockets, but can become an added value if they are inserted on shirt cuffs. To valorize them, they are used in different tonalities than the uniform fabric and decorated with the company logo, enamelled to be further accentuated.


Another solution of great aesthetic value concerns the covered buttons of the shirt. These elements are hidden, except for a single jewel button, which therefore immediately attracts the attention of the interlocutor. 

These small elements can be replaced by personalised brooches with the company logo, to give an extra touch of elegance. And if you want a solution with a timeless charm, opt for cufflinks. In this case, the double cuff of the shirt is enriched with small ornamental cues that can contain the logo or the colour of the brand.

Clutches, ties and scarfs

Clutches, ties and scarfs are some of the most popular items using by entrepreneurs to customize corporate uniforms. In fact, they are elements that express elegance and professionalism and, at the same time, stimulate the creativity

Any example? Ties and scarfs can contain a minimal embroidery at the bottom, which recalls the brand or something close to it. By playing with tonalities, it is possible to use the colours that characterize the company, giving a well coordinated look, without weighing accessories with designs and images.

And what about the clutch? Pocket square, an element of great refinement, can be coordinated with ties or with the tones of the shirt to donate a feeling of order and charme.

Contrast stitching and piping

Playing with tonalities allows to highlight the characteristics and strengths of every details of which the uniform is composed, as well as enhance the brand and its colours. Contrast stitching are a modern and refined solution to valorize the company using tonalities. In this case, in fact, it is possible to alternate the main colour of the uniform with the very fine line, that will reflect the company palette. 

And if you want to make this game of shades even more visible, you can opt to the so-called “piping”, a fabric border that is inserted on the lapel or on jacket pockets. The final effect is extremely lively and bright and it captures immediately the attention.

Who do you trust with your corporate uniforms?

There are many elements that can contribute to make corporate uniforms like a tools for the distribution and recognizability of the brand and its values. To achieve these results, it is necessary to rely on a partner who knows how to combine experience in the field with creativity.

For over fifty years Cast Bolzonella has been producing high quality uniforms, Made in Italy and equipped with all those aesthetic devices that allow companies to make them real business cards. If you wish to have more information, discover all our Plus, go deeper into our work collections or contact us: we will be at your disposal to answer your questions and help you find the best solutions to enhance your business.

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