Work uniform: what can and can not do for your corporate image

Every company should take great care of its corporate image. Work uniforms influence in various ways your job and simplifies the success of relationships inside and outside the office. To improve the work environment, and therefore the working performance of your employees, you should be aware of the advantages of a good work uniform, but also of its limits. What can it do, and what can it not do? Let’s try to analyze the topic toghether in this article.

The pros of the work uniform

The work uniform is certainly a plus for a company. It identifies uniquely the style that a company wants to convey and makes the most of the staff, making them closer to clients. It strengthens the company’s image: the stronger it is, the more recognizable it will be, differentiating your image from that of competitors.

It identifies the corporate image

The corporate image conveys the first impression of the company to clients, employees and people around your business. It is made up of different aspects: from the logo and the colours representative of the company to the furnishings that complete it and welcome clients, up to the work uniform of the staff. It is therefore identified by the mix of digital and physical images of the company: brochures and printed advertising will be in line with the website and the contents of the social networks.

All these elements are inspired by the values and the communicative style of the company. Once the path to follow, that fully conveys the corporate soul, has been defined, can be developed a coordinated work uniform that strengthens and defines the corporate image. It will therefore be based on the corporate colours and on the style, elegant or more casual, of the company.

It strengthens the bond between employees

The work uniform makes it possible for the employees to be a real work team, which is certainly a pro. Even in the largest companies, work uniforms make the people who make up the staff recognizable at a glance, facilitating their cooperation and therefore creating a serene environment. Despite the multiple professional roles that may be present within a company, the work uniform becomes the thread that connects and unites all employees: they embody and convey the same values, feeling part of the same unique environment.

Work uniforms reassure the client

Immediately recognizing the company personnel, facilitates not only internal cooperation but also the relationship with clients. The latter can instantly understand who is part of the company to speak with the staff when it is needed. The work uniform makes the customer feel comfortable: he or she quickly understands which people can help him/her, favouring a positive and therefore lasting experience with the company.

What must match with the work uniform

As we underlined above, the alignment of all the elements that make up the corporate image is essential to convey a unique and strong message, gaining and building the positive idea that people have of a company. When this does not happen, there is a dissonance which is counterproductive for the company.

It coordinates the corporate image

If the corporate environment is extremely elegant and refined, but the appearance of the staff is dull or extremely casual, a contrast will be created in the message conveyed which confuses visitors and compromises the trust in the company. The same will happen to reversed parts: an extremely studied and well-made work uniform, placed in an anonymous and obsolete environment, can only appear incompatible to external eyes.

For this reason, it is good to understand how the work uniform is functional when placed in a coordinated and well thought out environment. Nothing should be left to chance: the more the corporate image is studied in every detail, the more it will be able to convey the corporate values, facilitating the relationships useful to the company.

The staff’s contribution

A good work uniform does not necessarily guarantee a good relationship with clients. It promotes the relationship between the two parts, but it certainly cannot replace the cordiality and availability that derive from the attitude of the people.

A positive and serene approach will reinforce the value of the work uniform: each person on the team represents the company and through the relationship established with the customer allows to instil credibility, seriousness and professionalism to the brand that represents. The contribution of the staff is therefore essential: it is important to convey the right motivation to feed the value of the uniform.


How to design the perfect work uniform?

If you have already defined the style and values that distinguish your business, the work uniform of your staff must be inspired by these aspects.

Do you prefer a minimalist style? Simple solid-coloured dresses will allow you to incorporate it to the fullest. A shirt with a matching suit is an elegant choice; otherwise, for a more practical and informal style, t-shirts, polo shirts and sweaters can meet your needs.

Instead, would you like to convey greater originality and to distinguish your uniform from any other? There are endless textures and patterns that you can choose from to find the one that best suits your company. The accessories also enhance a garment by giving it vividness and an appearance with attention to detail.

If it seems a task to you too difficult and you want the advice of a professional, Bolzonella Divise has been working for years to provide the best solutions to companies so that work uniforms best embody the company and its values. Find out here all the details and pluses.

In short…

The work uniform is one of the elements that make up the corporate image, conveying it in a clear and defined way to the outside world. Through coordinated clothes, the values of a company are enhanced, favouring team cohesion and openness in the employee-client relationship. Its advantage is strengthened when there is an alignment between all the elements that make up the company image and when the staff not only wears but embodies the values they intend to convey with their actions. It, therefore, represents a considerable competitive advantage for the development of the company.

Do you want to design the work uniform that best represents the values of your business? Contact us: Bolzonella Divise is ready to analyze with you the tailor-made solution for your company.

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