How to combine custom sneakers with a company uniform

Within a company, looking good is essential to make a good impression on customers and gaining their trust. A corporate uniform designed with the uttermost attention draws attention and gives value to the company it represents. Clothes are the first mean of relation that affects the impression that people have of a company: the more you are able to convey one’s values through the uniform, the more you are able to get in touch with potential customers, distinguishing oneself from competitors.

So, how do you make a good impression? Through attention to details and the coordination of every element that makes up the company uniform. Every detail, in fact, can be customized and made unique: the dress, the accessories, the sneakers. The more the uniform is well defined and coordinated, the more it will stick in customers’ memory and collaborators themselves, who can feel part of the same reality. In this article, we discuss how to best match costumized sneakers with the company uniform.

The customized sneaker: a plus for your uniform

Footwear is one of the elements that is often less considered within the company uniform. However, it is an aspect that can really help to complete coordination, for an excellent result. Sneakers represent a type of shoe with a sporty and extremely comfortable style: ideal especially for those who have to move frequently or stand a long time in their work, they are suitable for any environment. How to include them inside your uniform, integrating them perfectly? The first step is certainly customization: we will see below all the variations that can be done.

Define the style through the model

To define the style of your sneaker you must necessarily start from the style of your uniform. In fact, if the sneaker is a sports shoe, there are several models to choose from. The different models allow you to range on the level of sportiness, making this type of shoe easy to combine even with a more elegant outfit.

Enhance the style with the material

leather shoes Once the model has been defined, it is important to choose the material of the shoe: it ranges from classic leather or suede, for a more resistant coating suitable for cold seasons, to perforated nylon or other textile materials, for greater foot breathing and so they are perfect for milder months of the year.

Choose right colors for a perfect match to the clothes

Once you have chosen the model and material that most closely match the style and the needs of the uniform, you can customize the colors of the shoe. The possibilities for a perfect match are mainly two:

1 – Introduce the colors that represent the company and insert them in the canvas or in the elements that make up the sneaker, such as the laces;

2 – Choose a color for the shoe that does not recall the brand, but easily matches it, for a perfect combination with already customized clothes in company colors.

Display your essence: the logo

A fundamental element that enriches the shoe and delicately expresses the link with the company is the logo. It is possible to customize both the position and the application method of the logo.

In fact, it can be placed on the outer side of the shoe for greater visibility, or on the back as a visible but less dominant detail. The application of the logo can be done in different ways: embroidery for a more elegant style; a jacquard band or heat transfer vinyl or rubber labels for a more casual trend.

And the suit? How to best match sneakers

smart-casual uniformAs we have seen, it is possible to define the style of your sneakers based on the model, the type of material and all the customization details that can be applied to them. Each company, therefore, can evaluate which type of uniform is best suited to the style tha it wishes to convey to the outside world.

Among all the types of garments, however, there are two that best match this type of shoe: smart-casual uniforms and broken suits.

With smart-casual uniforms we mean a type of hybrid clothing between casual and elegant style. Less formal than a suit, more elegant than an overalls. An example? The combination of blazer, shirt, coordinated jeans and sneakers. It represents a casual but refined type of style, and allows you to be neat without exceeding the two stylistic poles, thanks to a balanced combination of the various garments. The secret is to add to the casual triad of sneakers, jeans and t-shirt, a more elegant element, such as the blazer, a sweater with tie or a suede jacket, to give a smart look to everything.

Broken suit, on the other hand, matches very well withsneakers as it allows you to play with different colors and materials already differentiated between jacket and trousers. The shoe, therefore, becomes a continuation of the game that is not out of place but, on the contrary, enhances the originality of the combination.

Conclusions …

The ways to match sneakers to your company uniform are many and they are achievable thanks to the possibility of customizing the elements that compose it. Each company, having defined its own style, can choose the model, the material, the colors and the addition of the logo. The perfect match of personalized sneakers occurs when the suit consists of a smart uniform or a mismatched suit. Each company, thanks to customization, can express its originality and in the experimentation of innovative solutions that best suit its reality.

Bolzonella Divise offers the possibility to customize the uniforms from all points of view. Every company deserves a work uniform that best represents it in the world: from clothing, to accessories, to shoes.

Do you want to customize every detail of your company uniform? Contact us: we will answer all your curiosities.

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