Why the choice of work uniform should not be a factor of personal taste

Choosing the company uniform for your staff is a delicate phase that deserves time and research. It becomes a fundamental element of interaction with customers, taking the form of a business card for the company. Every detail must be inspired from the corporate style and the values that you intend to carry forward with your company. Choosing the company uniform only on a factor of personal taste would be a serious mistake: in this article we find out why.

The company uniform: a plus that represents your company

Each company is founded on different values and aspirations, expressed with the corporate vision and mission. The vision represents the dream, that is the goal for which the company was born and what it promises to become. The mission, on the other hand, expresses the way in which the dream is going to be achieved, the means and activities through which to achieve this goal. Each company should clarify these values inside and outside to strengthen its identity, distinguish itself from competitors and build a coherent and unique corporate image.

The word of mouth for business values

The online and offline corporate communication should be based on the vision to best embody the values that gave life to the company. If the company can depict them through all the elements that make up the communication (from the work environment and the paper brochure to the website and social contents) the message transmitted becomes clear, strong and direct, and it is easily received even outside. This is exactly how the most important brands are recognizable at a glance worldwide and how they ensure a success that lasts over the years, to competitors’ detriment. This communicative compliance, therefore, also includes the corporate uniform.

Customers’ loyalty

man and woman wearing work uniformHence the need to design the company uniform after an in-depth analysis of all the possibilities of choice and of the elements that can easily explain the message to be conveyed. Colours, fabrics, the logo and accessories must make sense and cannot be based solely on a factor of personal taste. When clients understand the values of a company and share them, the bond built is deeper, and loyalty is maintained over time.

A bond for the staff

Another advantage that the company uniform guarantees is the alignment between the team members. When employees wear a suit that embodies the values of the company they represent, they can get in touch with it more easily and share its values. Not only does the desire to carry them forward in their work increase, but a sense of community and belonging to the group is created. The uniform, therefore, stimulates staff cooperation and helps the relationship both between colleagues and in customer support.

“The uniform just has to be pretty”: what is the risk?

Learning the value and power that a company uniform possesses, let’s go deeper into the reason why aesthetic appreciation alone is not enough.

Choosing the uniform solely based on your tastes could mislead the image of the company, moving away from what you would truly like to convey. If the only criterion for choosing the dress becomes adherence to one’s aesthetic taste, without aligning with the rest of the communication, the greatest risk is to confuse customers and promote the wrong idea.

The risk of confusing and making the client uncomfortable

man and woman wearing work uniformIf you have an informal work environment and your customers form part of this more casual mode, dressing your employees solely for personal taste with extremely elegant clothes, usually used in luxury environments, could confuse customers and make them very uncomfortable. The risk is to alienate people who fall within the company’s target and limit potential loyalty. The customer’s well-being is a fundamental element to consider, so it is good to create a coherence between what you say and what you represent, instilling credibility and trust.

Fall into anonymity: a pretty uniform, but… nothing more.

Creating a uniform that fully adheres to one’s taste and also pleases the team of employees, but not conveying anything of the company and its values, mean presenting an aesthetically beautiful but anonymous image. Customizing your uniform to transmit the values is a fundamental element for distinguishing your company from competitors and making it recognizable. Indeed, any company could have the same uniform based on personal taste. What benefits does it bring to the company? A summary appreciation does not allow creating true relationships and highlighting the core of the company.

In short…

The corporate uniform represents an identifying element of the company and allows its values to be conveyed both internally to the staff and externally to current and potential customers. For this reason, its design should not be underestimated and based solely on a factor of personal taste: the risk is to choose uniforms that are pretty but anonymous and far away from the message you want to convey. The choice of the uniform must be based mainly on the values on which the company stands, intending to clearly instil the soul of the brand in anyone who observes the suit.

To obtain a unique result in line with your vision, it may be necessary the help of a professional. Bolzonella Divise is an expert in the field of corporate uniforms and can guide companies in designing the most suitable solution for their business.

Do you need support in the design and creation of your company uniform? Contact us: Bolzonella Divise will answer all your doubts to find together the combination tailored to your company.

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