Corporate dress code: 5 tips on how to dress in the company

The clothing to wear in the office is a choice of great importance that strongly influences company relationships and the image that is transmitted. Within the working environment, in fact, the uniform does not only reflect our personality, but also that of the company.

For this reason, it is essential to identify a corporate dress code that is in line with corporate values and is able to offer a friendly and professional face to our customers. In this article, Bolzonella Divise offers 5 tips on how to dress in a well-finished and smart way.

What should I wear today? The ideal dress code for the office

Do you happen to wake up in the morning and don’t know how to dress or have an important meeting with a client and don’t want to look bad? Here are some tips to help you and to consciously choose the ideal outfit for you, your company and your customers.

1 # Quality fabrics for a flawless look

Detail of elegant jackets for men in three coloursAn element that should not be underestimated is the quality of the fabrics of the garments. Office clothing should convey confidence, pride and confidence: this can also be noticed from the materials that make up the outfit.

For winter garments the best material is certainly wool, of which there are many valuable varieties: cashmere, alpaca, merino wool and mohair. For the warmer seasons, on the other hand, silk, linen and cotton are the ideal solutions for greater breathability of fabrics, without sacrificing elegance.

The choice of the best fabric can also concern the certification of the material. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 brand, for example, is an international certification that guarantees non-toxic materials, harmless to human health and the environment.

The quality of a garment is also highlighted through its seams : uncut threads or small holes, certainly do not make a good impression. Indeed, these details are the demonstration of a work done in an approximate way, which instills a dull image of the person. A well-sewn dress, on the other hand, lasts longer over time, is robust and conveys care, taste and credibility.

When the quality of a garment is high, its impact is not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of comfort.

2 # A right fit for a comfort of movement

How many times have you worn aesthetically impressive clothes that you couldn’t wait to take off? The comfort of the corporate outfit is a basic element to consider: in the office, in fact, we wear clothes for many hours, without the possibility of being able to change them. Furthermore, who works within a Corporate often remains in the same sedentary position throughout the day: just think of all the professionals who work through the computer sitting at a desk.

This aspect can be improved by choosing the size that best suits your figure. When all the staff wear a made-to-measure outfit, the resulting image is that of a well-kept environment, studied in detail and therefore worthy of trust. Clothes that fit perfectly to the body not only enhance the person’s aesthetic, but offer greater comfort than a dress that is too loose or too tight.

3 # A style in line with the company

Elegant workwear uniforms for men and womenIt is essential that the dress code reflects the style of the company. Whether it is a formal or informal environment, it is always important to convey a positive image that is associated with the environment in which you work. Reflecting corporate values and style is a plus because it allows you to stand out from competitors, making yourself easily recognizable and, above all, to be credible in the eyes of customers.

Two main styles can be distinguished:

– An informal style, which can draw from a more practical wardrobe: polo shirts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters. It is ideal for companies that want to convey an image closer to customers, expressing themselves in a colloquial and casual way.

– A more formal style, with shirts that allow you to convey greater professionalism. The suits for woman are the perfect solution for a refined and more elegant style.

For each model you can range on colors, cut and details that embellish the garment. If you represent a brand that has a well-defined image, it will be easier to choose the colors and style that best suit the uniform. In this case, customization is very helpful.

4 # Space to details and originality: customization

Corporate, yes, but which one? If you have managed to respect all the previous points, your dress code is taking shape in the best way, only a small step is missing to distinguish it from any other business reality. How to make it unique? The personalization of clothes usually takes place through small elements of great impact that embellish the person and what he/she represents.

Elegant grey trousers for men Let’s see below the most interesting ways to make your office outfit original:

– The accessories. A minimal style can always be enhanced with a scarf, a tie or a bow tie, pins or coordinated cufflinks. They are small details that catch the eye, giving elegance and originality to the wearer.

– Tailoring details. Buttons, piping and tacking confirm the quality of a garment and define its uniqueness.

– The embroidery. Through this technique it is possible to insert details that identify the staff and the brand more, making them easily recognizable. In fact, it is possible to insert the company logo or the employee’s name on a specific point of the uniform.

5 # Rely on an expert

Renewing a corporate dress code that is up to the situation is not at all easy, so consulting an expert can facilitate the choice and instill greater awareness on what to wear. Relying on a professional who is in the field of clothing is a significant plus: through all the information he receives, he will be able to provide you with the best solutions to respect your style and adapt it to the brand one.

You can get advice not only on the style and type of clothes to wear, but also on customizable details and the size that best suits your body. So, from the consultancy, you can get the finished product designed specifically for you.

Are you looking for some inspiration?

If you play a welcoming role within your company, Bolzonella Divise offers different looks that allow you to offer your customers the best possible way for an open and cordial relationship. Through the reception, front-office and office uniform you can convey the right feeling and make all the people you welcome every day feel at ease. Items of clothing must value not only your role but also the company you represent. Refined suits in matching colors or casual mismatched suits in bright and welcoming colors? The choice is yours!

In conclusion…

Identifying the perfect corporate dress code for your reality is essential to instill the right image around you and relate better with colleagues and customers. It is important to consider several elements: the quality and comfort of the fabrics, the tailored cut, the consistency with the corporate style and the customization that enriches the garments making them unique. To find the best solution, the consultation of an expert can make the difference: with his professional knowledge he is able to identify the perfect combination to look flawlessly and to work in total freedom.

We hope these tips have been useful to you! If you want more information or a personalized consultation, contact us. For years Bolzonella Divise has been at the service of companies to offer the best solutions.

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