Hotel uniforms: the underlying theme that connects all your establishments

The work uniform is an essential element to distinguish your company’s staff, even more when it is a hotel. Hotel uniforms allow you not only to offer an orderly and professional appearance of the staff within all your establishments, but also to make customers feel welcomed and consolidate the relationship with them. 

Through uniforms, it is possible to bring out the personal style and values that characterize a company, strengthening the positive image of the brand and making it recognizable for the clients, in any environment or city.

Bolzonella Divise offers different solutions for hotel uniforms to meet the needs and demands of those who work in such a delicate environment, where the well-being and satisfaction of clients come first. In this article, you will learn more about the elements to consider for choosing the uniform that best suits your business, thus distinguishing yourself from competitors and highlighting your values.

A coherent appearance through coordinated communication

Elegant workwear uniforms for men and womenIt is necessary to reflect on a broader level to offer a coherent image with work uniforms: what are your company’s values, style and mission? Defining these aspects is essential to understand which characteristics and details to include in your work uniforms. The styles that a hotel uniform can have are numerous, but they can mainly be divided into two categories: 

elegant and sophisticated uniforms, a classic of luxury hotels with clients that prefer a formal approach; 

– more casual uniforms that convey closeness and warmth to customers for a family environment where communication is informal. 

In both cases, the path to follow to convey a coherent brand image is the same. Staff uniforms must not only combine the style and colours of the hotel image, but also align it with its communication. The company website and social profiles need to have a coordinated image that refers to that of the physical hotel, the paper brochure and, therefore, the staff uniforms.

When all these elements are coordinated, it becomes visually easy for clients, online users and occasional customers to recognize everything about the hotel. It is important to be recognizable by clients to offer punctual service and, above all, to strengthen the company image.

The next step is to understand how to combine the different spaces of the hotel so that the clients can easily recognize them and have a pleasant experience.

The key word: continuity

Coordinating the image of all the environments and professional roles of the hotel does not mean homologating them indistinguishably. For clients, as for professionals themselves, it is essential to recognize the different figures that make up the hotel team.

Furthermore, each role carries out completely different activities which, based on needs, require personalized features in the outfit. The receptionist’s uniform cannot be the same as that of the cleaning lady or the cook: it is required to consider the characteristics of the role held to choose the cut of the dress that can facilitate movement.

To put customers at ease and convey a sense of familiarity to them when they experience the hotel environment, what helps is continuity

In addition to professional figures, hotels can contain multiple facilities: the restaurant, the swimming pool, the spa area, the meeting rooms and so on. When passing from one area to another, the customer must not perceive a division between these spaces; on the contrary, it is necessary to convey cohesion with the hotel image.

How to embellish the hotel uniform

Elegant white shirt and black trousers outfit for men and womenThis sense of continuity must be transmitted through the hotel uniforms, and there are many ways to do so. Here are some of the most effective ones:

– The logo. A small, simple but highly distinctive element. Through the logo, your staff is immediately recognizable. The regular client will identify a new entry at a glance, while the new one – who has already seen the logo on the site, in the e-mails or the brochure – will be able to feel from the very beginning at ease knowing with who to speak.

– Fabrics and colours. The fabric and colours of the uniform are the same for all staff, while the cut is customized according to the functions of the role held. This way it is created a homogeneous and recognizable team but maintaining staff roles diversity. 

– The accessory. FFoulard, tie, coordinated cufflinks or brooches: a wide choice of accessories to add a unique and recognizable detail to all hotel uniforms.

– Customization. Tailoring details, such as buttons, piping and backtacking, give value to the uniform in a unique way. Furthermore, making the staff name accessible is fundamental to approach clients, especially in the hotel sector. Incorporating it permanently and elegantly into the uniform can make the difference, for example through the embroidery of the name on a clearly visible point. 

All these elements bring out the role of each hotel employee while complying with the common identity. Being able to recognize all the employees of the hotel instils confidence in clients who will be able to interact intuitively and serenely with the staff.

Making yourself recognizable in the world: the power of the uniform

Elegant hotel uniformsBuilding a continuative image of the hotel allows not only to improve the internal relationship of a single hotel, but also to strengthen the bond between all the seats of a hotel chain.

If a client has a positive experience in a hotel, on his next trip he may want to relive it in another city. It is easier for the client to find a hotel with a strong coordinated brand image: he remembers and clearly recognizes the name, the logo, the colours of the structure. All elements remain easily etched in people’s memory. Finding these elements in displaced cities allows you to instil a deep familiarity with the client and consequent customer loyalty.

The hotel and staff uniform will be coordinated, continuing the experience that will put the clients at ease. Coordinating the general appearance of the hotel, with particular attention to the uniform, instils strength to the brand and makes it easily recognizable worldwide.

Let’s not forget another factor of great importance: the bond of a work team. The uniform, instils the identity directly and strongly, creating a staff that recognize themselves as part of the same group. The hotel uniform, therefore, strengthens the common identity for a collaboration in harmony that stimulates team spirit.

In short…

For those who work in the hotel sector, building clear and coordinated communication is essential to make yourself recognizable by clients. Communication passes through all channels, especially through the hotel uniform worn by the staff that is easily recognized by clients, for a more effective relationship. Employees are the main medium for transmitting a cohesive identity towards the outside. 

Bolzonella Divise offers the possibility to customize your hotel uniform, to make it unique, recognizable and maintaining that sense of continuity between employees who cover different roles. Staff and clients feel at ease, for a positive experience that is confirmed over time.

Do you need advice on choosing the hotel uniform that best suits your reality? Contact us: we are here to fulfil all your needs!

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