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Oeko-Tex, the green label that guarantees your stylish work uniforms

One of the main challenges facing humankind today is environmental protection in every professional sector, including the fashion industry. With the rise of so-called “fast fashion” – the tendency to bring low-quality products onto the market at ridiculously low prices – we are increasingly seeing the uncontrolled use of polluting materials. This causes damage to the environment, but also to human health.
In order to meet this major challenge, companies need to become green promoters of a green concept, adopting all available solutions to minimize environmental impact. The starting point for this process can be to provide yourself with fashionable work clothes with the OEKO-TEX label.
What characterizes these garments? How can they reverse the trend that sees fashion as one of the world’s most polluting industries?

Oeko-tex certified smart work clothing

OEKO-TEX: a European project to combat pollution

The European OEKO-TEX label was established in 1992 with the specific aim of promoting the use of non-toxic clothing (but not just clothing). The certificate is guarantee of a control system that ensures the textile products and their accessories (e.g. studs, zippers, buttons) are free from harmful substances.

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate relates to various industry sectors which are referred to as “product classes”:
Product Class I: items for infants and children under 3 years of age;
Product Class II: pieces of clothing in close contact with the skin, a category which also includes work uniforms;
Product Class III: clothing without skin contact (e.g. jackets and vests);
Product Class IV: furniture and decorative items (curtains, tablecloths, sheets, etc.).
The certificates are checked and awarded by the OEKO-TEX International Association, to which 14 textile research institutes belong. In Italy, we can find the Centro Tessile Cotoniero, which is based in Busto Arsizio in the province of Varese. These institutes carry out laboratory tests on textile products and use technical instruments to ensure that they are free from substances such as:
Carcinogenic dyes;
Formaldehyde, fabric softeners, phthalates;
Pesticides and insecticides;
Heavy metals and tin.
All these substances negatively affect not only the environment, but also human health, which, especially in the company, must be protected.

OEKO-TEX certificateCertified fabrics: the best solution for the team and the environment

The corporate uniform is a clear emblem of the company’s values. As a vehicle of non-verbal communication, the uniform should therefore help to enhance the company’s image in front of customers and suppliers. And that’s not all. It should be a symbol of unity and cohesion for the team: by providing a coordinated image, staff feel part of a family and are more at ease – provided, however, that the garment is comfortable and practical for everyday working life. These are just some of the reasons why uniforms with the OEKO-TEX label can help you achieve all of these goals…and more.

The starting point for building a greener world

Equipping your team with stylish, sustainable uniforms can be the first step towards building a better world that puts environmental and human protection at the heart of everything. In this way, you actively contribute to building a better world for future generations by sending a sensitive message to your customers, suppliers and all the companies you come into contact with.

Convenience and practicality: the keywords to increase productivity

Toxic substances in common company uniforms can cause itching and irritation, especially in the case of allergies. As a result, staff are unable to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear, and concentration and productivity are reduced. With an OEKO-TEX-certified uniform, the health of the entire team comes first: the clothes are comfortable and practical, suitable for everyday use in the company. As a result, staff are able to work better and produce more.

Oeko-tex certified uniformMaximum consistency with a sustainable concept

Many companies choose to adopt daily solutions to reduce their environmental impact, making ecology their strong point and a competitive advantage in their communication. Providing their employees with an OEKO-TEX certified uniform in these cases allows them to maintain the highest level of consistency with their values, as well as further enhancing the company’s image, both externally and internally: the team will become – literally – the bearers of the company’s values, espousing its ecological mission and motivating itself to achieve ever more ambitious goals.

One step ahead of the others also in public tenders

In recent years, the issue of eco-sustainability has also entered the public sector. In 2008, Italy drew up the “Piano d’Azione sul Green Public Procurement” (Action Plan for the Environmental Sustainability of Public Administration Consumption), represented by the acronym PAN GPP. With this document, Italy illustrates the essential parameters for a greener evaluation of public tenders. From 2017, moreover, Public Administrations are required to assign a higher starting score to all participants in tenders who demonstrate a concrete commitment to reducing their environmental and social impact.
In short, adopting stylish OEKO-TEX certified uniforms allows companies to be one step ahead not only in communication and marketing, but also in participating in public tenders. This means a better chance of winning and, therefore, of winning new orders and turnover.

Experience the benefits of OEKO-TEX certified fabrics

OEKO-TEX-certified elegant uniforms are the solution par excellence for companies that want to take concrete action on a daily basis to protect the environment and human health. It is the first step towards the construction of a better world.
In the Bolzonella Divise catalogue you can find refined uniforms made with OEKO-TEX certified fabric: in this way, the aesthetic taste merges with practicality and a green concept. Are you curious to touch the quality of our uniforms? Contact us: we will gladly answer all your questions.

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