Wholesale workwear: the choice that matters

Economy, quality and personalisation: these are the main requirements of companies that want to make their uniforms an added value for the business, an element that makes them recognisable all over the world. However, it is not easy to find all this in retail shops, which, due to their intrinsic characteristics, often do not have enough stock or do not allow personalised details to be added to uniforms. Fortunately, there are companies that sell workwear in bulk. What are the advantages of using them? In the following paragraphs we will analyse how and why they can become the choice that rewards you for offering a coordinated, serious and professional image of your company every day.

#1 Higher savings, higher quality

In the wholesale trade, large quantities of goods are worked on, with special discounts being granted as the quantity purchased increases. In these contexts, the number of steps between the company and the purchaser is also minimised, which means fewer intermediaries in the purchasing process and, therefore, fewer mark-ups on the price of the product. It is from these first two aspects that the most obvious advantage of relying on a wholesale company arises: you have the opportunity to make considerable savings.

In the field of wholesale workwear, savings are also synonymous with quality. You can find exactly the same clothes in a wholesale business as you would in a retail shop. As a result, you can look for a high quality garment, but you can get it for the same price as a lower quality item sold at retail. What more could you ask for?

#2 A wide choice of garments for the whole team

An elegant work uniform not only conveys the company’s values to customers and suppliers, but also creates a cohesive and positive atmosphere in the team, which feels part of one big family. The advantages are obvious: staff are united, they support each other and internal productivity increases significantly, which also improves the quality of the product or service offered. To achieve these results, however, it is necessary for everyone to feel comfortable in the uniform they wear – a difficult situation to manage, considering that each person has different physicalities, styles and personal preferences.

In a wholesale business clothes company you can find a wide choice of articles and models. For example, the same uniform can be reproduced with both trousers and a skirt; similarly, under the jacket you can wear a t-shirt, for a more casual style, or a shirt, for a more formal version of the uniform. Each employee can therefore express his or her own creativity and personality, while still offering a coordinated image of the company: the uniform, although present in different models, reflects the palette and details that characterise your business.

What about sizes? Before purchasing, you can try on the garments: each employee can choose the size they feel most comfortable in in advance, avoiding wasting time on items that will have to be returned.

#3 Between you and the seller? None at all

Your uniform is an integral part of the corporate image you want to express to the outside world. This is why an active, proactive and trusting relationship needs to be established between the parties during the choice phase: your team needs to be aware of how to make the entire workforce feel perfectly at ease; on the other hand, the salesperson needs to understand your company’s needs and the values it wants to communicate through the uniform and make them his own in order to propose the perfect garment.

The presence of several intermediaries between you and the salesperson can lead to misunderstandings and can extend the time it takes to create a solution tailored to your business. This is not the case in the wholesale trade, where you can interface directly with the vendor: your every request therefore receives a prompt and effective response and your supplier is no longer simply an executor, but first and foremost a consultant at your disposal to offer you the best product.

#4 Customise your uniform? You can!

Customised work uniforms have the power to enhance the exclusivity of the brand, making it easily identifiable on the market. Adding a detail that makes the uniform original and unique, such as a tie that matches the colours or a company logo pin on the lapel of the jacket, is therefore becoming increasingly important. Customising the uniform can be difficult in a retail shop, unless it is a tailor’s shop, whose costs are much higher than in a wholesale shop.

The direct relationship with the seller that characterises wholesale allows you to add tailoring details to your uniform; your contact person will know the product in detail and can even advise you on the best customisation technique to apply. The final effect will be surprising, because it will be perfectly in line with what your company wants to communicate.

Bolzonella Divise is here for you: test us!

Choosing wholesale work clothes means combining savings with quality: having a direct relationship with the seller allows you to obtain a uniform perfectly coordinated with the daily needs of the team and with the values that the company pursues.

Bolzonella Divise has been created to facilitate the process of purchasing a uniform, guaranteeing an all-round service: from the design to the final product, including the size test, the insertion of personalised elements and re-ordering. Every step is taken with great care, with the aim of providing you with the best uniform for your business, without causing you the slightest worry. Are you ready to test us? Contact us: we will be happy to come with you to discover the perfect work outfit.


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