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Workwear and elegant suits for the office: our proposal

When we work in the office, it is necessary to be always professional, maintaining a tidy look even after several hours of operation. Choosing the outfit according to one’s own company dynamics, certainly becomes a help in this sense. Small precautions, such as the choice of stretch, stain-resistant or non-stain proof fabrics, can in fact transform uncomfortable and difficult to clean garments into the perfect uniform.
A company meeting, a meeting with customers and suppliers, a day spent at the desk. All these activities involve elegant yet comfortable clothes, to avoid hindrances and annoyances at work. In addition, the clothes for the office must also help to make reliability and security shine through, allowing immediate connection to the company to which they belong.
There are therefore many variables that make a truly perfect uniform. Below are some suggestions for choosing the office suit that best suits your business needs, with some effective, practical and effective solutions.

Tailleur, sheath dress or top and trousers: how to choose elegant work uniforms for women?

The first thing to ask when choosing elegant office attire is: what values do I want to convey to the people I come into contact with working in my company?

There are companies that focus on
tradition, preferring more classic and formal clothing; other companies, on the other hand, want a more jaunty and youthful style that can be combined with business-casual. In any case, the coherence between the company’s values and the dress code is one of the priority aspects in the choice of uniforms for the office.

The female figure can choose from a wide range of solutions to be used in this context.

Classic style, at the same time sober and sophisticated, the
sheath dress is a completely distinctive solution. As a work uniform, it is generally adopted by companies to communicate a concept of luxury and exclusivity, thanks to its formal appearance. The sheath dress can be simple, without particular frills, or enriched with pleats, which help to enhance the female figure.

suit is a must for women’s office wear, a symbol of elegance that never goes out of fashion. The suit, which can recall the company’s palette in its shades or details, gives the wearer a strong and confident look, ideal especially for those who entertain relationships with customers.

And under the jacket? For a classic style of clothing, the shirt represents an undoubtedly formal choice, easily combinable both with elegant trousers and a sheath dress. The latter, in general, can be knee-length or even up to the calf (the so-called “longuette”, particularly trendy in recent years).

To focus instead on a more
youthful and modern style, it is sufficient to replace the shirt with a uniform petticoat. The top, like a t-shirt, can turn out to be an elegant and practical garment for everyday business life, giving work uniforms a smarter accent.
For both classic and business-casual style, it is possible to embellish the office suit with accessories for uniforms. For example, brooches and pins can be applied to the jacket to communicate the brand in an even more incisive way: in fact, the company colours and logo are taken over. Even the scarf, personalized with company colours and logo, gives a touch of completeness to the suit and can be worn in different ways, thus highlighting the personality of the person wearing it.



Shirt, polo shirt or vest: how to create elegant work uniforms for the man in the office?

Just like a woman, the man working in the office must guarantee a pleasant and impeccable presence, expressing the company’s values in the best possible way. And, even in this case, there is no lack of solutions and they range from more formal to more casual clothing.

Complete or blazer with slacks? This is the first choice that comes before those who are designing a company outfit for men. If the former is an undisputed synonym of classic elegance, the split can add a fresher look to men’s uniforms.

But in both cases, the match par excellence is with the shirt. Whether under an extremely formal jacket, such as a double-breasted jacket, or combined with a blazer, with drier volumes and metal buttons, the final effect is always extremely professional.

But in fashion, there are no inviolable laws! If you want to replace the shirt, even for men, you can opt for an under-jacket T-shirt or an elasticated polo shirt. Practical garments, ideal for everyday use without hindrance or annoyance, which are nevertheless of great impact if combined with chino pants. It is the solution for excellence for summer office fashion.

Alternatively, or as a complement to the jacket and trouser suits, we propose a particularly refined solution: the
vest. Simple or embroidered with the company logo, recalling the dandy style, it is particularly appreciated by those who like to upset the traditional canons in favour of an unconventional style. In its more classic versions, instead, the vest that integrates the suit is ideal for business meetings where the most classic elegance is required.

In conclusion…

Elegant office clothes can be more casual, combined with polo shirts and tops, or more sought after, as in the case of the men’s vest or women’s sheath dress. In any case, it is essential that this type of clothing is designed specifically to ensure an impeccable appearance even after hours of work.
Cast Bolzonella designs and produces elegant office clothes with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. Our solutions adapt perfectly to every type of physicality, allowing easy movements and avoiding the risk of annoyances that can undermine the employee’s productivity. Discover the collection of our elegant work outfits or contact us: our team will be available to answer your questions.

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