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Uniforms for funeral service: how to deliver a flawless image

Funeral Homes do not run an easy business. Apart from requiring experience and expertise, employees are also in need of particular soft skills, such as empathy, confidentiality and respect towards the clients who are living dramatic moments. Who works in such a context  must be discreet, elegant and never out of place. The client should feel he or she engaged professionals for their last salute to the beloved ones. 

Having a clean and refined look in the context of funeral sevices is a sign of respect towards both the deceased and the partecipants to the cerimony. It contributes giving seriousness and importance to the event itself. What elements are unavoidable in the uniforms for funeral services? In this article we will discuss in detail about it.

A tailored touch for the perfect wearability

Who works in the Funeral Home business knows it: the day is devided between moments of profound calm (for example, during a cerimony) and moments when it is needed to move smoothly (the transport or burial of the coffin). Considering this point, a uniform of the wrong size can becme an obstacle, other than spoiling the image of the wearer. For this reason, the clothes worn by the undertakers must be wearable by any body shape. Thanks to the possibility of tailoring the sleeve and the trousers length, the employees will have a uniform perfectly matching his or her physical features. It will look tailored-made, guaranteeing both comfort and an adequate look during cerimonies.

Domestic washing and wrinkle-free non-iron fabrics

Undertakers must change frequently, almost daily, their uniform, so that they can always keep an elegant and polished appearance. To avoid daily trips to the dry-cleaner, it is advisable to opt for fabrics that can be easily managed at home, through washes in your own domestic washing machine. A high-quality fabric is extremely resistant and its color will not fade away with time, preserving its softness to the touch, keeping it pleasing to the eye even after repeated washing.

Beyond this, it is best not to have any wrinkle in the fabric, even when there is not time for ironing. For this reason we advise to use non-iron fabrics: uniforms made with non-iron fabrics, after a wash, regain their shape just by normally drying.

Summer and Winter Uniforms

Funeral Home employees often need to move between inner and outer spaces. For this reason, they need clothing perfectly suitable for the current season and the outside temperature, able to protect them from the winter cold, and the summer heat. 

In summer, the choice is on soft and thin fabrics, that have insulating capabilities. These fabrics limit the transmission of heat to the outside, when temperatures are really high and guarantees a feeling of freshness and dryness all day long.

In winter, the uniform must be made with fabrics that protect the body from low temperatures. In this period of the year  overcoats and coats are especially worn. Mixing a stylish touch to comfort, the use of uniform accessories  like winter gloves can protect hands from the freezing cold. 

The right clothing for the right job

In the Funeral House business, there are different kind of jobs to take during the day: some employees must deal with bureaucratic procedures and documentation; some others organize the funeral cerimony; others are in charge of the coffin transport and the burial of the coffin itself. For each one of this jobs, it is fundamental to have the right type of uniform.

The employees engaged in desk work or in charge of the relationshiop with clients must wear elegant suits, usually including shirt and trousers. People in charge of more practical tasks are in need of clothing that allows smooth movements. To avoid a clumsy image, far from the seriousness required, it is advisable to wear more casual clothes. Casual clothes allow more freedom of movement, maintaining a certain coherence of the corporate image and enhancing at the same time the given role. In such cases, the undertakers can choose chino trousers, for a slim fit, practical and resistant, to match with a polo shirt. During winter, it is possible to wear a hoodie to shield from the winter cold. In general the tendency is to choose dark or total black outfits, excluding shirts.

Are you looking for uniforms for funeral services?

Who works in Funeral Homes should convey feelings of discretion, elegance and sobriety, in order to instill trust and comfort to people going through a tragic phase in their life. For this reason it is necessary that the uniforms for Funeral Homes excel in  discretion and elegance, and at the same time results comfortable and practical for different daily tasks, offering clients an image of sobriety.

If you are looking for Funeral Home uniforms, you are in the right place. Cast Bolzonella has been working for years with companies of this industry, offering uniforms that combine elegant composure, practicality and comfort. Find out about our suits for men available in our catalogue or contact us: our team will be at your disposal to satisfy your company’s needs.

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