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Elegant corporate shirts: our guide from A to Z

The shirt has always been one cornerstone in many corporate uniforms’ wardrobe. It is a piece of clothing that, doubtlessly, expresses elegance and professionality, highlighting the characteristics, the corporate values and, why not, the wearer’s personality. It is a piece of clothing very versatile that can be worn, for example, for a desk job, to join important business meetings or to plan a business lunch with a client, keeping a professional style. How to choose the most suitable elegant corporate shirts for your company? In this article we will give you some advice that can help you during your choice: from fabric to buttons, from design to wearability, here is how to find the perfect shirt for your staff.

Many fabrics, many different styles

First of all, it is fundamental considering the material and the type of fabric of the shirt: it is starting from these choices that a flawless look and a more or less traditional look can be guaranteed across the whole day.

There are many fabric fibers, natural or synthetic, to make corporate shirts. One of the most appreciated is cotton, that leaves on the skin a feeling of freshness. Another fabric fiber is pufy Polyester, antibacterial, breathable and particularly elastic that guarantees freedom of movement. To combine cotton and Polyester proprieties, cotton-polyester bland was invented, with the aim to maintain shape and color unspoiled even after repeated washing. But above all, it guarantees a sense of freshness both in summer and winter. Among natural fabrics used for the making of shirts, we also find linen, silk and sometimes viscose

Other than fabric fibers, it is imporant to carefully choose the type of fabric, that can play an important role regarding the shirt style. Cotton popline, for example, is a resistant fabric, light and soft to the touch, suitable for spring/summer shirts  and for any occasion. Twill, on the other hand, thanks to its peculiar weave, is a bright fabric, perfect for semi-formal events. If, otherwise, you want to obtain a carefree look, is best to use an Oxford fabric, very soft and resistant, that can be used in formal or informal working circumstances. 

A shirt collar for any style

Collar typesThe collar is one of the most intriguing parts of a shirt, and above all, is the highest visibility spot when wearing a jacket; for this reason, it must be chosen carefully. How to choose it? The biggest difference is the “point spread, meaning the distance between the pointy ends of the collar leaves.

For a classic look, a good choice is what in Italian is known as “the Italian collar: slightly tight, it is the best solution for everyone who wants to decorate the shirt with a tie. The collar’s pointy ends are long and accentuated. IThe Italian collar echoes the traditional taste, typical of a business-man.

On the other hand, the so-called “French collar” is broader, and the pointy ends are shorter and less accentuated: their distance is more evident. It conveys a modern and young style.

As for women shirts, during the last centuries, many varieties of shirt’s collars were invented. For example, the “Peter Pan collar”: its rounded shape follow the neck’s line and conveys an elegant look. 

What in Italy we call “ribbon collar” (commonly known in English as Pussycat bow neck), has as its main feature a fabric tie that can be tied or knotted: this is a dynamic solution that gives a refined and personal touch to the corporate shirt.

During these last years, the “Korean shirt collar” also became a fashion trend both for men and women: as the name itself recalls, the shape is inspired by an Orient look, made possible using a thin fabric band without leaves. The final design looks minimal, ideal for a simple clothing style, without any frill, but at the same time effective.

Shirt cuff stylesThe cuff shape makes the difference

The cuffs are the strength of an elegant shirt. Generally speaking, they should be matched to the collar and chosen based on the shirt style. For example, the barrel cuff, has rounded corners, fastened by a single button. It creates a fresh and soft look in a formal contex. on the contrary, the square cuff fits a casual outfit, ideae a workday in the office.

The solution in between the previous cuffs can be the Mitered cuff, defined this way for the 45° degrees shaped corners. It is appreciated for being versatile: it can be used in a more elegant environment, or in an average working day.

If your goal is to impress, you need to veer on a visually stunning choice. The French cuff, button free but with buttonholes, it is suitable for business events, such as a gala dinner or an Award night, expecially if you choose to wear cufflinks

The importance of  wearability 

First of all, it is fundamental to consider the material and the kind of fabric of the shirt: it is from these choices that a flawless look can be maintained during the whole day, with an almost traditonal look.

There are many fibers, natural or synthetic, to make corporate shirts. One of the most liked is cotton, that leaves a fresh feeling on the skin. Another fabric is the pufy polyester, antibacterial, breathable and particularly elastic, that guarantees freedom of movement. To combine the cotton and polyester features, the cotton blend was invented, to keep color and shape unspoiled even after repeated washing, and chiefly, it ensures a freshness sensation both in summer and winter. Among natural fibers used for making shirts, we also find linensilk and sometimes viscose

Other than fibers it is best to choose with care the type of fabric, that can play an important role in the shirt style. The cotton poplin, for example, it is a resitant fabric, light and soft to the touch, perfect for spring/summer shirts and for any occasion. The twill, instead, thanks to its peculiar weave, is a shiny fabric, suitable for semi-formal occasions. If you want to obtain a breezy style, it is advisable to use Oxford fabric, very soft and resistant, that can be used in different occasions, both formal and informal.

The factors for the buttons choice

There are various button’s designs, from the classic ones, to the extravagant, such as shiny buttons that cannot go unnoticed. It is not easy choosing the right ones. It is important to condider these characteristics in the button choice: material, size and style.

The first thing to consider is the material, that can be a natural mother-of-pearl, wood, enamelled metal or plastic, depending on the desired effect. On elegant shirts, generally, small and refined buttons in mother-of-pearl are used.

Another factor of choice for buttons is size: in general, they span from 11 mm to 20 mm, with a thickness from 2 mm to 3 mm. It is possible to use bigger buttons, for a look full of personality.

The button is a stylish element very versatile: it can be calssic and discreet or young and refined, matched with the fabric color or using contrasting colors; it can be considered almost like a jewel to wear, or disappear, hidden by a double shirt placket.

Are you looking for elegant shirts for your company?

The choice of elegant corporate shirts is not easy or immediate. However, if it is made considering all the variables, can become the key element for a winning corporate uniform. For this reason it is best to ask for advice to the right partner. 

If you want to, we can guide you into the choice of shirts for your staff, assessing your unique corporate style.

Remember: your uniforms should reflect your values. Do you want to know more? Contact us

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