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Corporate office clothing:
how to recognize a quality uniform

It’s never easy to choose the dress code for the office, especially because it has to adapt perfectly to a wide variety of activities and needs, such as holding a meeting with an important client, attending a business meeting or sitting at a desk for hours.

Corporate uniforms are designed to suit every one of these everyday moments. They are the business card of the company, the plus that offers a professional impression to the customer at first glance.

But how to recognize the quality of office clothing for companies and what aspects to consider when choosing the best garments? In this article, we suggest all the musts that a quality uniform should follow in order to become a distinctive feature of your company.

#1 What should the fabric of a quality uniform look like?

Resistant even after countless washes

Generally, each employee has two uniforms, which must be alternated every day and washed every two. Let’s imagine having to wash a uniform so frequently that it has been made with a poor quality fabric: wash after wash, it would become discoloured and lose intensity and pleasantness to the touch. The final effect would be disappointing and you would be forced to frequently renew your employees’ uniforms, incurring additional expenses.

When choosing your company uniform, consider as a priority the resistance of the fabric, which will have to last over time even after many washes. Also make sure that it is not prone to the “pilling” effect, which causes the fibres to break and the formation of those dots that are so annoying to the eye and touch.

Convenient for any activity

People who wear the uniform usually do so for at least eight hours a day. Being uncomfortable in one’s clothing all this time can cause a progressive loss of concentration and productivity, as well as discontent and discomfort, which certainly do not help to maintain harmony in the office.

Ergonomics is one of the main requirements when choosing office attire: the fabric must have an excellent fit and allow for smooth movements to prevent the uniform from becoming an impediment to ordinary business activity in the company.

OEKO-TEX certificate

Although a uniform is comfortable, it will still be annoying and unhealthy to wear it if it is made from a fabric containing potentially toxic particles. In fact, some fabrics may contain traces of dyes and pesticides or allergenic substances, such as nickel. If you are allergic to specific elements of which it is composed, in the long run you may experience erythema and irritation.

How can we avoid incurring such a tissue? Make sure that the office clothing you are evaluating for your employees is OEKO-TEX-certified: this guarantee label testifies to the total absence of toxic particles in the fabric.

Does not stain

A pen mark on the sleeve, a drop of coffee on the bodice, the highlighter stroke on the trousers: those who work in the office know that getting dirty is the order of the day. But how do you avoid having to show up in front of a client in a stained uniform? In order to prevent these problems, you can play ahead by opting for a stain-resistant fabric. This kind of fabric is hydrophobic and therefore does not let dirt get into the fibres. For an impeccable and long-lasting effect.

#2 What aspects to consider in the model of a uniform?

It is inspired by the company

The client who enters your company for the first time is captured not only by the design of the offices, but also by the uniform worn by the employees. This is why it is essential that it represents the company’s vision in every way, making them understand from the very first moment how it stands on the market.

One of the objectives of the uniform is precisely to enhance the characteristics and strengths of the company, as well as the values to which it is inspired. Keeping the elegance unchanged, an essential element, you can therefore opt for more classic or more modern models, depending on the final effect you want to achieve. And for an extra touch of refinement? Have your company logo embroidered on the uniform: a detail that will immediately capture the attention.

It adapts to different sizes and physicality

One of the most difficult challenges of corporate uniforms is model sizes. It is almost impossible to have employees with the same physical characteristics. For this reason, it is difficult to choose a model that lends itself perfectly to both a smaller person and a more curvaceous one. How to solve this problem?

A quality uniform has a wide range of sizes and models suitable for different physical characteristics. It is important to match the build of the individual person. In this way, all employees will feel comfortable within the company and work more profitably, making a better impression on the outside as well.

#3 What other details to pay attention to to impress?

Every element is extremely well cared for

Every element of the uniform, even the most hidden, must be taken care of in detail in order to offer a final effect at the height of your company. It is also this aspect that distinguishes a quality uniform from a low quality one.

Any examples of details to take into account? Buttons must be fastened well so that they don’t slip off over time. In addition, they should represent that “extra touch” of the uniform, beautiful points of light on which the customer will focus their gaze. As for the use of zippers, they should be completely invisible, but if your intention is to impress, choose those made of metal alloy. They will be even more durable.

In conclusion…

Choosing office clothing for companies is never easy, because there are so many factors to consider. They range from the effect that the uniform must have on the end customer to the resistance over time, passing through ergonomics and comfort to carry out every daily activity in the best possible way.

For fifty years, Cast Bolzonella has been dressing companies, taking into account the importance of offering them a sartorial product that can be used in everyday life and that allows them to brilliantly represent the company in the world. Our uniforms follow all the paradigms of Made in Italy, which has always been synonymous with quality and good taste, and are OEKO-TEX certified.

Would you like to know the special features of our work uniforms? Discover our collections or contact us to find the most suitable model for your company.

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