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Clothing for Security Guards and Unarmed Surveillance: who are they and what to choose?

To dress security officers, emphasis should be placed on style, strength and comfort. These figures must in fact be the emblem of professionalism and seriousness of the company, enhanced by the uniform. They do a job that can be very dynamic, which is why it is important that their clothing follows every movement, guaranteeing comfort even after hours of activity.

So what are the elements that cannot be missing in clothing for security guards and unarmed surveillance? In this article we go into all the aspects that distinguish these garments that are functional and representative of your company.

Who is in charge of security?


When we talk about clothing for security officers we refer to the following figures:

Security Guards;

Unarmed security guards;

Subsidiary security operators;

Security Agents and Technical Security Operators.

They can offer their service inside movable property, real estate or particularly frequented places, such as shopping centres, fairs and museums. Very often they are also hired to contribute to the security and peace of mind of citizens participating in public or private events.

But what differentiates all these figures? A first aspect is the participation in specific courses, which allows them to specialize in a particular field. The most obvious difference is certainly given by the fact that they provide an active or passive surveillance service. In the first case, the operator is armed; in the case of passive surveillance, on the other hand, the agent has a gun licence but is not authorized to use the weapon in the workplace. His main task is, in fact, to promptly communicate the presence of any kind of risk to the Referents or to the Police Forces.

What style should an Armed Guard or Security uniform follow?

Security service providers put the protection and safety of their customers first; at the same time, they must inspire trust and respect in those who watch them. To best achieve these objectives, it is important that the uniform is impeccable and immediately recognisable and that its style is consistent with the company’s image. The uniform, in fact, should allow the Security Guard or the unarmed Guard to integrate perfectly into the area in which they will be watching.

Surveillance Institutes can choose a younger line or a more classic look, depending on the type of clothing that best suits the contexts in which they operate.

For a youthful, practical and active style, you can focus on clothing with a slim fit that follows the body lines and movements, such as t-shirts and combat trousers, combined with special accessories such as amphibians.

Choosing instead a classic and elegant look, the outfit can be composed of jacket (sometimes replaced by sweaters), shirt and trousers. Distinctive details, but always discreet, can be ties and pins.

Whatever style is chosen, it is important that it is composed of high quality garments that last over time and guarantee excellent performance in terms of resistance and comfort. Whether involved in dynamic operations or spending long hours standing, Security and Armed Guard must always be ready and efficient. It is therefore necessary that the garments worn by the agents are extremely comfortable and do not cause discomfort, keeping the concentration of the work done high.

What elements make a uniform comfortable and durable?


The ideal uniform is functional for the type of work that the agents do and aesthetically appropriate to the place where they work. But how do you achieve maximum comfort? And maximum resistance? The formula that answers these questions is a clever balance between fabrics, practical details and design.

Pleasant to the touch, but indestructible: the ideal fabrics

Clothing for Security and agents must perform brilliantly. This is why you can only opt for technical fabrics: breathable, to prevent moisture stagnation, and stretchy, to promote movement. The presence of reinforcement seams at the points of greatest stress of the garment and tear-proof inserts and patches are essential elements to prevent the fabric from tearing and prevent agile and safe movements of the agent.

Design lent to functionality: the most practical details

The fit of the garments must be appropriate to the physicality of the Technical Safety Operator. Clothing that is too loose can be cumbersome, while those that are too tight may hinder movement. The size must therefore be precise and well measured.

There are also other important precautions, such as the addition of large pockets, badge holders, carabiner rings and carabiners. In this way, the Security Guard always has at hand what it needs to offer the best security service.

What are the details for an extra touch of personality?


Even in the case of clothing for Security and Security Guards, the details make the difference and can give you that extra touch of personality that can become the hallmark of your company.

Any examples? The choice of garments such as shirts or sweaters with toggles on the shoulder straps makes the vigilante look more serious and distinctive.

Another important element is the customization of the uniform with high quality embroidery of the company logo, the logo of your customer or the name of the vigilante. Each security agent will thus be unique and immediately recognizable.

Customization can also be synonymous with functionality. Armed and unarmed guards very often work even at night, for this reason it can be useful to customize the uniforms with logos or reflective writing, making the agents visible even in low visibility conditions.

Who to turn to for your guards and security uniforms?

In the choice of clothing for Sworn Guards and Security every element becomes fundamental.

Cast Bolzonella offers its advice for the choice of uniforms for the security service. For fifty years we have been offering garments selected to meet the many needs of workers on the basis of comfort and aesthetics, aspects that must always be taken into consideration.

Would you like to know more about our uniforms for guards and security? Discover our security uniforms and uniforms for security guards or contact us to find the most suitable model for your company.

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