Completi uomo: giacca e pantalone, abiti uomo spezzati per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Clothes for musical bands

A scenic presence of impact

Polyphonic bands and chorales have the ability to impress and fascinate in many ways: for the great and majestic instruments, for the involving voices and to be always ordered and coordinated. The musical bodies accompany and enhance public events, village festivals, parades, religious services and processions.

In these moments, a coordinated, elegant and comfortable uniform increases their charm to the eye of the spectator, enhancing the commitment they put into the formation and execution of their performance, thus giving the audience an unforgettable experience.

How best to choose the uniform for a band or a choir?

The right uniform for musical bodies has some aspects not to be underestimated.

The first is certainly the comfort: it must follow the movements of the wearer, without hindering the use of the instrument he uses. Also for the singer it is important that the clothes are comfortable, to facilitate correct diaphragmatic breathing.

A second fundamental point is the distinctive aspect, which allows the musical training to be recognized by others or by spectators.
The members of a musical band, in fact, must be unique and easily recognizable at events and parades even without their instruments. Even the choirs must be easily identifiable especially at events involving different vocal formations.

To achieve this result, details of a specific color can be used or embroidered badges and effect customizations can be inserted

A third aspect not to be underestimated is to choose versatile garments that lend themselves to dress a band or a group of singers composed of people of various ages, gender and physicality.

Garments that could fully satisfy these needs to create a complete and impressive uniform can be, for example, elegant trousers or chinos for a more casual outfit, combined with stretch shirts or polo shirts that guarantee more fluid movements; sweaters or cardigans for mid-season, alternating with elegant jackets for ceremonies and more important events. Finally, soft shell or waterproof coats are ideal for the colder seasons.

Custom accessories to enrich your uniform

Taking care of the uniform in all its components makes the difference: adding custom accessories such as pins or scarves with your band’s logo can be crucial. In addition to enhancing the outfit, it will allow you to increase the recognizability of your band making it unique. 

We can create and design ties, scarves and brooches with your logo or reference colour especially for you.

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