Completi uomo: giacca e pantalone, abiti uomo spezzati per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Hotel Uniforms

A corporate image for your accommodation

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The world of the hotel industry is made up of professionals with very different characteristics and needs, such as managers, receptionists, cooks, cleaners, waiters, porters, conference and entertainment staff.   

In order to emphasise the role of each person and enable them to do their job under the best possible conditions, it is essential to choose a uniform that is well suited to their individual needs. 

A porter and a cleaner, for example, will need comfortable, elastic garments that allow them to move easily. 

A receptionist, on the other hand, will give more value to characteristics such as elegance and sophistication. 


However, there is one thing your hotel staff have in common: they are part of the same reality. Providing your employees with a uniform that contributes to a corporate image is essential to strengthen team spirit and make your brand more recognisable to the outside world. Your customers will also be able to experience continuity within your organisation and be facilitated in their communication with the various professionals.

So how can you create a corporate image and at the same time make each employee stand out through their uniform? Focusing on colours, fabrics, accessories and details is the ideal solution!

Our proposals for your uniform

In cases such as these, where staff come into contact with the public in a more or less direct way, it is important to have a refined and well-groomed appearance on every occasion.

This is why we recommend stain-resistant and crease-resistant garments. Stain-resistant garments, thanks to their oil-repellent and water-repellent properties, allow the fabric not to absorb liquids, thus facilitating the elimination of possible stains. The anti-crease garments, on the other hand, thanks to a special treatment, allow the fabric to resist creasing, keeping the garment as if it had just been ironed.

In this way your employees can devote all their attention to their customers, without having to worry too much about the appearance of the uniform they are wearing. 

In the gallery below you’ll find a number of inspirational solutions such as jackets, shirts, waistcoats, coats and suits.

And for an extra touch…

To make your uniforms even more original, our style office can take care of every detail of your garments. 

An excellent idea is to insert an embroidered logo: it adds value to the clothing and, thanks to its resistance, preserves its quality over time.  

We offer a wide range of embroidery techniques: direct embroidery, embroidery on shields, three-dimensional embroidery… whatever your choice, you can be sure that it will make your uniform unique! 

Don’t forget the accessories: ties, scarves, brooches and cufflinks enrich the outfit, giving an extra touch of elegance and originality to make your employees and your brand stand out.  

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We remind you that we only follow realities that dress at least 10 people.