Camicie uomo e donna per divise da lavoro eleganti e abbigliamento professionale

Elegant clothing for Promoter

The human face of a Brand


Being among people and inviting them to learn more about the products or services of a brand, standing all the time, trying to maintain an impeccable image, this is the typical day of a promotional promoter or hostess. 

The work uniform plays a fundamental role in this difficult task, because it immediately and clearly identifies the link with the company you want to promote, transforming the wearer into the human face of a brand.

Your promoter uniform is a working tool

Considering the hectic day of a promoter, it is essential to understand her needs, so that the uniform is always comfortable and tidy. For these reasons we advise you to choose breathable, no ironing and stain-resistant garments, to be combined with comfortable shoes and customized accessories. Below you can find a small selection.

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How do you choose a work uniform for a promoter?

We suggest to focus on an elegance that will keep intact during the working day, with comfortable suits and dresses, thanks to their breathable properties and the fact that they never crease, thanks to their anti crease fabric. Finally, the anti-stain treatment will allow your men and women promoters to wear their work clothes without fear of ruining them.
You can complement your promoter uniforms with shirts, vests, sweaters and accessories that are also comfortable to wear for long hours.

The accessories for the promoter uniform

Finally, remember that the details make the difference! Especially for promoters the corporate image is conveyed through the use of ties, scarves, cufflinks, shoes and brooches customized with the colors and logo of the brand you are promoting.

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Please note that we only follow realities that dress at least 10 people.