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Safety shoes even with elegant uniforms

Speaking of certified safety footwear, the workwear shoe with steel toe cap immediately comes to mind, which has nothing to do with an elegant uniform. But there are also elegant safety shoes that offer both protection and a touch of class.

Why choosing certified safety footwear

Wearing certified safety footwear is essential to ensure the safety of the foot and avoid accidents at work, especially when mechanical, chemical and atmospheric hazards are characteristic of the job performed.

To be certified, work shoes must be produced in compliance with strict European regulations. This legislation provides for certain requirements based on the category to which they belong. The safety footwear is considered a personal protective equipment (“PPE”) and is mandatory by law.
In fact,

there are different types of footwear, certified according to the risks, each with specific peculiarities and regulated by its own reference legislation.

Safety footwear for elegant uniforms

As mentioned in the introduction, the common safety footwear represents a limit for the professions in which, in addition to safety, appearance is also important. Fortunately, there are many types of elegant footwear that can be used in all those contexts where you need to work safely but with style.

Characteristics of elegant safety footwear

The elegant and slimmer appearance should not suggest that the certified elegant shoe does not comply with the regulations for worker safety. In fact, like the classic one, it must meet certain requirements and must be made up of special parts. Let’s see which ones:

the sole, usually made of polyurethane, thermal polyurethane and nitrile rubber. The materials used change according to the characteristics that the shoe must have and the environment in which it will be used. The sole must be non-slip, antistatic, must resist oils and hydrocarbons and absorb the energy of the heel.

  the insole, usually made of leather, non-woven materials and pulp fibers. It supports the heel and reduce foot fatigue.

the anti-perforation sheet is made of steel or fabric. The type of material used for the foil depends on the type of work, but for elegant footwear we suggest the one in fabric, which is more flexible and breathable.

cap, can be made of steel, aluminum or plastic material. The choice of toecap varies according to the type of shoe. A protective toe cap must be able to protect the foot from a weight of 20 kg falling from a height of 1 meter. The toe cap is not always mandatory, its presence or not on the shoe depends on the risks expected in the workplace.

the lining material is in direct contact with the foot. It is made of leather, heat-regulating textiles and other textile products. The coating must have the characteristics of breathability, anti-abrasion, permeability, air conditioning and quick drying capacity.

the upper is important because it is the outermost layer of the shoe and must have characteristics such as breathability, permeability, fire resistance, thermal conductivity. These protection characteristics depend on the material used, which can be leather and / or synthetic materials.

Environments where it is necessary to combine protection and elegance

More and more work sectors often require formality and elegance from the work uniform including footwear. Among the professionals who need elegant safety footwear for work we find:

– hotel operators

– catering operators





– site inspectors

To carry out one of these activities you can run into different environments and bad weather. It is therefore necessary to choose the right certified footwear that protects, but at the same time gives a classic and sophisticated look.

Some examples of certified elegant footwear

scarpa antinfortunistica stringata

Before moving on to the conclusions we want to offer you some of the most used types of elegant safety shoes.

Among the types of footwear for women we find:

ballet flats

court shoes


brogue shoes

For men, on the other hand, there are:

brogue shoes


chelsea boots

Conclusions …

The certified elegant safety shoe, for men and women, is the ideal solution to give a refined and elegant look to your work uniform without sacrificing comfort and personal safety.

Bolzonella Divise can support you in choosing the most suitable footwear for your work uniform, if you want more information or personalized advice contact us.Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions.

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