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Personalised corporate clothing to enhance your uniqueness

Imagine you are having a coffee at the coffee machine in your office: you put in your money, select your drink and a mechanical noise announces that it comes out in a plastic cup with a disposable scoop.

Now imagine instead that you are in your favourite bar: the bartender, who has known you for a long time, knows exactly which mixture to prepare for you and how to whip up the cream you like. So, after you have taken a seat, he brings you a small plate and a cup that you would recognise anywhere by now, and a wisp of steam brings the unmistakable aroma to your nostrils.

True, it is still coffee, but what makes the two experiences so different? Why is the first so unfulfilling and the second so intriguing?

The difference lies in one word: personalisation.

But let’s take a step back.

Effective communication between company and customer, as in any human relationship, is based on trust, and building trust is an essential requirement for those who address the public. Clothing is very important in this sense, because it is considered an expression of the values of the wearer and his company.

This is why it is necessary to ensure that the uniform is the emblem of the values pursued by the company.

How can your company make the most of its staff’s uniform, making it stand out from the competition? Customised work uniforms emphasise the uniqueness of the brand and capture the attention of those who come into the company: thanks to clothing that fully follows the values and palette of the brand, your company becomes recognisable and easily identifiable.

In the next few paragraphs we’ll take a trip around this fascinating world and find out which personalised elements you can rely on to stand out.

The elegance and versatility of thread: embroideries

Embroidery is one of the most widely used techniques to enhance a basic or single-colour garment. The art of embroidery is very versatile and allows you to play with the thickness and type of thread, the colours, the exact point where the decoration should be placed and the subject to be embossed.

With regard to the colours of the embroidery, you can choose between a multi-coloured or a single-colour decoration: this will be based on the palette of your company and the effect you want to achieve. A single-colour embroidery will make it more homogeneous; the use of several colours, on the other hand, will give the garment more vibrancy.

Among the most popular subjects in the field of embroidery are undoubtedly the name of the wearer of the work uniform and the company logo, which can also be related to an identifying element. If the company participates in or organises an event, it is also possible to adapt the work uniform to this circumstance, integrating the name of the event and the date to further distinguish the brand.

It is precisely because of its versatility that embroidery goes well with any garment, even if it finds its greatest expression in the shirt: the simplicity of this garment allows new details to be added which, even if small, manage to give value and refinement to the whole uniform. The finishing touches are generally placed on the breast pocket or on the left side of the chest, points that are perfectly visible to the customer’s eyes. If, on the other hand, you wish to achieve a more “masked” effect, you can aim to embellish the collar or the right sleeve.

Colour and vibrancy: screen printing

Another technique for personalising work uniforms is screen printing, which is particularly suitable for polo shirts and under-jackets: its patterning allows you to enhance the style of the uniform. In this sense, it is also possible to play with the logos, creating multiple colours or creating shades and overlaps that leave customers and suppliers breathless. 

Customisable tailoring details: buttons, piping, backtaking

If you don’t want to be too exclusive, you can opt for all those sartorial elements on which it is possible to apply a light but impressive personalisation. The example par excellence is that of buttons, which, despite their small size, can become splendid points of light. They can be made of metal or enamelled metal, depending on the style of the work uniform, to liven up and emphasise the elegance of the garment.

You can also use piping, a fabric border that is normally placed on the lapels or pockets of the jacket, in contrasting colours to those of the uniform. With piping, you can liven up the garment, making it even more exclusive in the eyes of customers and suppliers. For a less visible effect, opt for the backtaking, which is an embroidery effect stitching that echoes the corporate palette, thus lending sophistication in a subtle way.

When it comes to tailoring, the fit of the uniform should also be considered: each profession has different requirements and a brand may change certain details in the style and shape of the uniform (for example, the length of the jacket) to make the brand even more recognisable in the market.

In conclusion…

Customisable corporate uniforms are a simple but impactful way to add value to your brand. Embroidered, printed or tailored details allow to differentiate the company and convey a feeling of harmony and homogeneity to customers and suppliers, but also within the team.

Bolzonella Divise offers the possibility of personalising the uniforms from all points of view. In this way, aesthetics merges with functionality: thanks to clothes tailored to any physicality, the staff feels perfectly at ease and, at the same time, best represents the company in the world.

Do you need to personalise your uniforms? Contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions!

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